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His action definitely ruined the moment

Getting to stare at a white tub filling up with a pool of your own blood, how very erotic... FYL OP, since he ruined the moment for you.


His action definitely ruined the moment

It didn't ruin the moment for him. :)

Love is a two way street. Sometimes you just gotta make the guy happy

#43 perfect picture for the comment lol.

51 - What you're saying is that in those instances it's just a one-way street.

It seems though you were fine with it. You let him bend you over the tub. YDI. Bend over and show that ass.

The bathroom floor would ruin the moment for me.

Well that's one way to do it but honesty it would have been better to do it later...

I believe Sherlock has deduced the answer to this FML.

Bloods and sex never go together.

How about Crypts and sex? Since "Bloods" and sex don't go together.

I don't know about crypts, but Crips are all about dat ass.

Only at the first time for girls

I can't even explain how messed up that is. I understand wanting to keep the moment alive during an awkward moment but not when something's bleeding!

I don't understand how she deserved it at all... Nosebleeds suck!

Getting to stare at a white tub filling up with a pool of your own blood, how very erotic... FYL OP, since he ruined the moment for you.

Is his name Shaggy?

The banging also helped the blood flow out of your nose more efficiently. Two "birds" with one stone.

The bang of his dang ended up being the fuck of her luck.

Well you had to cooperate for him to bend you over the tub so why are you complaining? Not being sarcastic just don't understand.

It's probably where she went to avoid getting blood everywhere... Then he followed. And her focus was probably on the blood... And shock at what a selfish guy he is!

"so he bent me over the tub and kept going", nothing about that implies that the OP went and bent over the tub of her own accord to avoid getting blood everywhere, rather than get toilet paper. I'm with #10 on this, Unless the OP is ridiculously small and easy to move, she had to allow this.

100 - Not necessarily. I'm not "ridiculously small," and my husband can move me very easily. I'm 5'4", and 135 lbs. Not saying that she didn't cooperate, just saying it's possible.

No offense 103, but that's pretty small compared to most guys.

Sorry #103 but you are an inch taller than me and of similar weight, you are pretty small. The number one thing I hear from most of my male friends and their friends is that I'm tiny. We are both small and easily moved by the average male.

You didn't say to stop or anything?

Pleasure first

ruin the moment?next time punch him in the**** and say i don't wanna ruin the moment that was an accident