By nana - 19/05/2009 14:04 - United States

Today, after the church service was over, my two year-old granddaughter started to sing into the microphone. She said, "Here Nana, you sing". I picked up the microphone and sang "Jesus Loves Me". She took the microphone back and said, "No he doesn't." FML
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Grandmas on FML! It's a hip new world lol


Lol, kids can be so harsh.

Have you ever heard of the TV show "Kids say the darndest things"? you should see it!

what do you expect ? most of those children are still learning to talk.

Oh man. That's not cool.

Lucky Star rox.

Well he doesn't exist anyways, so take no offense.

Gotta love the little ones.

Eh, I've heard worse. Don't worry, probably she's too young to know what she's talking about. And #4, I officially announce, InB4ReligiousDebate. Smooth move

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what?! she's two years old. do you expect her to have perfect speech and manners?! WTF?!

She's two years old! You expect her to know any better?

Why does it make a difference. God isn't real; he's just the most publicly accepted imaginary friend

I'm pretty sure by calling a TWO YEAR OLD a're the bitch.

Aww!! Harsh kid :(

she probably heard someone else use that as a joke or someone put her up to it. either way - that would be embarrassing.

YDI for trying to indoctrinate young defenseless kids.