By Dannylover - Netherlands
  Today, I finally hooked up with a boy I really liked. We were lying in bed and my panties were already off when he asked me : "Would you also have sex with me if you weren't drunk?". I responded "Yes!" and asked him the same question, at which he responded : "No, probably not." FML
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By  Bauer_fml  |  0

See, why must women ask questions like this before sex? Who cares? You're already half naked, just do the deed.

@#4 He's not just an American hero, he's a hero to all nations.

By  MissFae  |  0

The appropriate reply to this would be "Far be it from me to take advantage of you then. Now you get some good rest and I'll talk to you when you're sober."

By  rational_man  |  0

hahaha, i love it. All women want is an honest man and when we this guy was honest and now he is a jerk!! Were you planning a relationship in your head as your were drunkingly getting it on, i bet he wasnt.
I say if you want your cake and eat it too you should be paying my insurance rates, that would be fair.

By  sillypun  |  0

dumb question to ask.... genius answer. Anyone insecure enough to ask those questions would probably go through with the deed by that point anyway. FYL.