By brigie - 01/05/2013 08:21 - Australia - Sydney

Today, my boyfriend of two and a half years left me. To clear my head I decided to go for a drive. My car broke down on the way. The only mechanic I have ever used and trusted with my car is my boyfriend. Yes, I had to call him. FML
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To be fair, you didn't HAVE to call him, you chose to.

You didn't have to call him, you chose to. Still a shitty situation to be in. Hopefully you can find a new mechanic.


To be fair, you didn't HAVE to call him, you chose to.

Invest in AAA.

There is nothing worse than losing a good mechanic. Those guys can screw you over faster than any boyfriend, and you are not even kissed on the neck.

She's definitely a stalker, prolly did something to her own car

Well obviously its the girl thats talking here, not the boy. Thank you VERY much for making me have to be captain obvious here.

I agree with 1. So in the meantime search up a local mechanic so you don't make up excuses and delude yourself that you had no choice.

You guys are acting like you have never been in a longer term relationship..... its hard to just let go.... eventually she will find ways to be more independent but they just split up.... she didn't know what else to do. He is the one that comes to her mind first...

Well, even if it was a same-sex relationship, the would'nt be a girl involved.

You didn't have to call him, you chose to. Still a shitty situation to be in. Hopefully you can find a new mechanic.

Ugh 1 beat me to it and I ran out of time to edit, oh well. I suggest getting AAA or something OP

You still managed to copy #6. :p

Well, did he come? You can't just leave us like this.

He came. Oh believe me he didn't leave her like that.

"Thepunman" Why am I disappointed here...

He "came", he "fixed" her right up, and he "drove" her home. Not necessarily in that order.

I think it's time to get a new mechanic. It's time to move on.

If it wasn't on bad terms it'd be fine right?

They JUST broke up that same day.... I'd think that OP was very emotional and not on good terms yet.....

I meant As in a harsh breakup like him stealing things or money I understand its emotional either way

Don't worry Runda I get what you're putting out there. In my last break up I made off with her dog, her hard drive and about 200 bucks - and she f*cking HATED me.

You should have called triple A. Let him go.

Not everyone has triple A...

Pfft triple A is for weenies I have septuplet A!!

I dont think we have AAA in australia. Most people call the NRMA.

23--that's true but she could have called a gas station or anyone else. She didnt have to call ex.

Why go out for a drive if you're angry? Dangerous to others on the road. Next time go for a walk around the neighborhood.

To be fair, she didn't say she was angry. Probably more hurt than anything.

Yeah. I always go for a drive when I need time to reflect/be alone. It helps clear the mind.

Still, if your head needs to be cleared you shouldn't be doing something that gets dangerous if you're not paying attention.

Anything could be dangerous if you're not paying attention, though =P

Going for a walk is also a lot better for the environment.

I think this would have been a good time to make an exception.

There are other mechanics in this world you know

You didn't have anyone else? Dad? Uncle? Use Internet on your phone to find a different mechanic? I mean, I feel for you, but there was no one else?

I was just listing options.. Besides, most do actually.