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Today, my boyfriend got rejected by his dream college. In an effort to comfort him, I told him that he is incredibly smart and that it's their loss. He replied, "Of course you think so, you're an idiot!" FML
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  mmmmshaggy  |  0

stressed or not, that's an asshole thing to say to your gf when shes trying to comfort him. I dont necessarily think he should be dumped on the spot, but he should definitely be let know that that's not right. its Shit like that that gives woman the low self-confidence needed to put up with douchebags like that. this guy may not be a genuine asshole, but its the guys that are and yet still have great women hanging off their arm that make me sick.

  Tigg3r  |  3

fuck he edited his comment. It orginally said "haha loser. First." So in response I said "Haha loser. Fail." I wasn't talking about the OP.


Maybe I'm new to this but calling someone an idiot, especially someone you care about, is not "minutely annoying", that is blatantly disrespectful. Especially if she was trying to comfort him.

  lubby_fml  |  0

No she is the idiot since it is not the colleges loss at all. They will still get paid since someone took his "slot".

When I say slot I meant it as if he had one after applying. Rather, I mean it like everyone who applies has a slot in the first round, then eliminations begin until they reach their max.

  Malinkrot  |  3

Lubby, she was just saying that to console him, but you have to be an annoying high school prick who has to show off his "knowledge" and give some annoying explanation...yeah no one thinks you're any smarter.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Lubby also got rejected by his dream school, didn't he?
Anyways, considering the date, this is probably early acceptance, meaning he may get in for regular admissions? Maybe?


He's such a drama queen. Yeah, it sucks to be rejected like that, but getting snippy with his girlfriend shows that he's immature. You know what they say about counting your chickens before they hatch.

  patticake1601  |  0

when you use big words make sure you get them right....its Suffice not Sufficed. Yes I am a biatch, but people that use big words irk me when they spell them incorrectly or use them incorrectly.

  Thornod  |  0

Thank you for the correction. Right up to where you used the term biatch. Proving you can take the girl out of the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto out of the girl.