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Today, I overheard my husband of 3 years talking to our boss, an attractive blonde. She was telling him that she couldn't believe he was with me. She thinks I'm fat and ugly and that he's hot. He said, "She's not that bad…" We work in the same store and she follows him around like a puppy. FML
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  Callyn  |  47

But remember, this is his boss. He's trying to not piss her off and make the situation worse than it is. If he knew that OP was listening in, he probably would have been more vociferous in his defense.

What he needs to do is go over the boss's head and report her harassment but that's often a tricky thing to do and I can't really blame him for not wanting to deal with the possible consequences.

  leximichelle  |  13

What he really should have done is told his boss (politely) to mind her place and not insult someone he (hopefully) loves and cares about. They were both pretty wrong in that situation.

By  jbuckets_404  |  38

Sounds like the Boss is engaging in repeated sexual harassment....
OP, start writing down each time that she does anything that *isn't* job-related & too personal in nature regarding Hubby.
Perhaps then you could report her behavior in writing to her supervisor anonymously.
Good luck, OP! :-)

By  Mara Malayin  |  4

I understand not wanting to step on his boss’s toes...but he definitely should have said something more than that in response, and he needs to make it perfectly clear that he’s happily married and she needs to back off (politely).

I’m crazy though and I’d confront the B.