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Today, after dating for almost five years, my boyfriend stated that I have a "perfect and amazing personality" but that my looks are not what he "envisioned himself spending the rest of his life with." In other words, I'm ugly. FML
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well, at least you have a great personality.

what the... even if you were absolutely drop dead gorgeous, no one is spending the rest of their lives with it. He does know people age, right?


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@ #17-Meh that was sorta funny, but not the greatest. OP-Maybe you should be less ugly?

Maybe you should be more intelligent. ^^ To the OP, congrats.

is it invision or envision??? im curious

#116 I've always thought it to be envision

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well, at least you have a great personality.

Ahhh youuuu, I almost spent more than 3 seconds looking for #3! Good One!

Well I agree with.........uh.....oh what the heck I agree with #3 too! :)

Too bad he wasted 5 years of your life before making this determination. What a jerk.

I would have just kicked his teeth in. What an arsehole.

Does not sound overly rehearsed at all -wink-

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He should have ended your first date with: U-G-L-Y You ain't got no alibi You ugly Hey, hey, you ugly and be done with it. It took him five years to get this out? When you get to your Silver wedding anniversary, he's going to tell you that he thinks your pussy smells bad.

The U-G-L-Y song, classic. (She’s gorgeous Brian, I take everything back. Ah, I get it, she’s a moron!) Although, surely the smell issue would be worse than the appearance issue, because I assume when he runs for cover from her face…it’s between her legs.

what the... even if you were absolutely drop dead gorgeous, no one is spending the rest of their lives with it. He does know people age, right?

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Exactly. What, does he think that someone pretty is gonna stay pretty forever? Even the most beautiful people who have tons of money for surgery get ugly. Except that people with good personalities have something left once they get ugly. His loss.

Just because he was with you for 5 years doesn't mean he has to stay in the relationship if he sees something he doesn't like. Also, he never said you were ugly. All he said was that you don't fit his tastes. Get over it. It's not the only penis in the world. If he wants to look for someone else, he has every single right to. That's how life goes.

Why? because not every guy is a shallow dick, and some actually give a shit about personality.

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omg you stuck up bitches are all the same "Your not what I picture myself spending the rest of my life with" "OMG YOU THINK I'M UGLY!?" yeah you knwo he never said you were ugly, he said your not what he picture himself spending his life with. Stop overreacting seriously, noone wants to hear it

Yeah but he said her LOOKS were not what he envisioned spending the rest of his life with - after 5 years. That is a really polite way of saying he doesn't find her attractive when she's spent a great portion of her life with him.

Well yeah there is that. I meant it's a MORE polite way than 'Hey, uggo.' byt of course it's not nice.

Well no, I don't think looks are the contributing factor to a relationships - of course not - nor am I saying that OP has to be some smoking hot bit of stuff for it to work, but surely after 5 years he should think she's attractive anyway? Also, I don't know if the OP has said it or not, but if he has dumped her for not looking like the person he envisioned, that's even worse. No one likes being told they're unattractive, it doesn't matter whether you're shallow or not. It is simply not a nice thing to hear, least of all from your other half.

No matter whether he's with her for the right reasons, any half of a couple wants to appear physically attractive to the other half. This doesn't just apply to women. A guy would be bummed if he heard this, too. And he didn't just tell her that she was unattractive, he told her she wasn't the vision of beauty he envisioned spending the rest of his life with. You can't tell me that's not a crappy thing to say to someone you've been with for so long. If it were me, I'd wonder how long he could stay with me before that lack of physical attraction became a major issue. Obviously, he's thought about it.

He might have meant exactly what he said; he might not find her ugly at all. OP, you get a YDI from me, for being presumptuous.

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I think mr boyfriend is just honest. And he never said she was ugly. He just said she wasnt her ideal. And some guys have some fantastical ideals. But he'd still be an idiot to give her up

Sucks to be him, spending 5 years with an ugly girlfriend.. he must have been pretty desperate