By single once again - United Kingdom - Romford
Today, I jokingly asked my boyfriend if he was cheating on me. He replied, "Nah, all the chicks in this town are fuck-ugly." and stared at me until I left the room. Good to know that's his only reason for staying faithful. FML
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  padlarf  |  14

15, I think you, and quite a lot of others, have misinterpreted 12's post. IMO 12 does not state that honesty and loyalty are not good qualities in a partner, but instead states that OP's boyfriend isn't loyal and honest. She could have been more clear though.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

No, there is an area restriction so all women are compaired to one another and she was deemed prettier than all the others. no benchmark is needed for that. there does need to be a benchmark if we want to know if her boyfriend actually finds her pretty or just less ugly than everyone else

  TeddyB88  |  4

To come to such an extreme conclusion like that to say she should leave him makes me believe you've been single for a long time and most guys think you're a bitch. Maybe you should check your attitude or get another cat. Your decision

  ICastillo  |  24

Na she is probably the only pretty girl in town and he happen to bag her and tag her. So if he has the prettiest girl, no reason to go after uglier ones.