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  JackFaire  |  27

Who says he agrees with her? I've been attracted to people I thought were hot only for other people to think the same person was ugly. He could have been thinking "you look like this famous person I think is hot" while she hears "you're comparing me to someone I think is ugly"

By  Sonotsuave  |  33

🙄😂 I don’t get why some boys don’t filter what comes out of their mouth. Tell him despite his opinion he doesn’t need to be rude and make comments about appearances

  JackFaire  |  27

Because the Filter some women apply would apply no matter what we said. There are women I think are hot that others think are ugly not everyone's attracted to the same features. The guy might be thinking "I like this actress' looks so I'm going to favorably compare her to you" suddenly his girlfriend is pissed at what he meant as a compliment but instead of trying to clarify she immediately assumes he was intentionally insulting her based on her perception of the woman's looks.

Now the guy's feeling miffed because he's getting chewed out.

By  Sheila Deville  |  15

anyone who is Hollywood standard of attractive won't be for long...we all get old. However, one should be beautiful to their partner, even if they're riddled with scoliosis and shingles, that is love. Remind him that he's no Brad Pitt and what he said may have been truth but hurtful and extremely disrespectful to your feelings and you. A relationship without trust and respect is no relationship at all.

By  Iamthebanzai22  |  18

OK, yes, it is possible that he found the actress attractive, but then why say "She's not as bad as you". Clearly he is either mean or just really insensitive, and/or he is trying to break down OP's self-esteem. Honey, don't stay with a guy who does not make you feel beautiful. Eventually you will feel so ugly that you will think you can do no better than him and then he will have you right where he wants you: Emotionally dependant on him.

By  prettylamemyguy  |  7

break up with someone who'd say something like that to you. it's not about them being honest or "taking one for the team" it's about how fine he is with demeaning & disrespecting you like that. everyone deserves someone who finds them attractive.