By babydoll - 12/10/2010 09:26 - United Kingdom

Today, I was traveling by bus. There were no spare seats, so I stood next to a seated lady. When she got off at her stop, I was amused because her bum made the shape of a mushroom on the seat. I went to sit on it. So I'm sitting there when I realise the seat is really warm... and wet. FML
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Hah! now you have a mushroom mark on your skirt or jeans. :D


zerobahamut03 2

Someone hold me back before I slap the OP upside his head! WHY?!? WHY?!

theian01 3

I have a few questions. What? did you pass 1st grade? and how was this accepted with such bad writing and grammar? I thought we were grammar Nazis here....

I really try to be creative in my post, but this one only brings one word to mind: Idiot.

Eeeeewwwww.... I sat on a couch someone had pissed on in their sleep one time. I was livid. Luckily I was at a friends and had a change of clothes. Yuck.

10 - Apparently you aren't one, because your grammar is absolutely horrible.

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So... I thought this was FML not grammar school.

I think you'll find it's actually not "WHERE" it's "WERE" ;)

I too hope 32 was being sarcastic. Lol.

DUDE!?! Why would you sit on the Mushroom!? Don't you know public bus seats are basically made of piss... you tard


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that is sooo chat. haha sucks to be you.. but didnt you like see that its wet ?

whoah, isn't it like 1am over there lol?


No it is not. Creeper is though.

creeper as defined by an ordinary dictionary has no indication that it means anything you intended it to mean. In which case the only solution was the urbandictionary. It's only fair that if your word cones from urbandictinary that mine can come from there, and indeed fagger is a word defined in there. Although it might not be a proper English word, it can still be used as an expression. Just like lots of other words not found in the dictionary.

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Creeper! ò_ō stay in school dont do drugs

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'Chat' is Australian slang for something shitty.

I am really amused by the mushroom shape too... FYL OP


That's what happens when you are obese. You ride the bus because you don't fit through a car door.

Sone people ride the bus because it's environmentally friendly or because they can't afford a car. And nowhere does it say OP is obese. Shit, I'm feeding the troll. Please disregard this response. Seriously, stop reading now.


If they were environmentally friendly they would ride a bike. But it would take too much effort and she would lose her obese figure.

This man is like a random response generator

Well, actually. On the Stagecoach I was traveling on, the door on that is more narrow than a car door. But yanno what? **** it. Yes, traveling by bus makes me obese! :D Although, doctor says i'm the right weight for my height, but i'll inform him that i'm actually obese because I got on a bus! Thanks for hitting me with reality! NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!

I sure hope it was a cold day and the warmness soothed you.... yeah no, that's pretty nasty. wash your butt!

Yeah it happens to me all the time too :|

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