By AnnaNick - / Sunday 14 February 2010 02:19 / Australia
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  LoveNnyl  |  23

It's not all about looks. Not everyone is that shallow or close-minded. You can date an attractive person and they can treat you like shit, I'm not implying that attractive do have bad personalities, it can go either way.

  esines  |  9

GI was gonna say i was sorry for OP but it's kind of hard cause she sounds like she might be one of those condescending bitches that points out rude things that she didn't have to and then says "just saying". I mean OP you could have just said it didn't look good, not "it's ugly"

By  saranottelling  |  7

Haha, I use that lame comeback with my friends all the time. He probably meant it. It's okay, just get some plastic surgery. Remember not to go overboard like Joan Rivers, we don't need another one of her!

By  MrBrownTown  |  0

that's pretty sad. well ya that but also he barely gets the guts to tell you in that in your face for how long that you two been together? or he was probably saving it for a comeback like that.
...but yeah that seriously is asshole-ish if a thing to say!

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