By no life to fuck :/ - 30/08/2013 23:37 - United States - Berkeley

Today, I found out that my grandma is a well-loved member of a notorious biker gang. Meanwhile, I'm a 32-year-old, single, minimum-wage nobody with no friends to speak of. She's probably getting more action than I ever will. FML
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thrAsHeRr9081 16

Why are you thinking about your grandma having sex?

Ask to join her posse. Meet some new people


Ask to join her posse. Meet some new people

Ask to join an illegal biker gang? No offense, but does that really sound like the smartest thing to do?

Last I checke biker gangs aren't illegal

That was my exact thought while reading this. It's never too late to change your life and add some excitement. Get out there and live life.

The word "notorious" before "biker gang" is a negative connotation. I'm pretty sure OP's grandma doesn't want to do illegal things with her grandson. OP, go online to make friends or hang out with people from work :-).

Biker gangs aren't illegal, sometimes the members might do illegal things though.

TheDrifter 23

Certain ones are illegal here. They've been declared "criminal organizations" like the mob.

tjv3 10

Hang out with her more and learn young grasshopper

thrAsHeRr9081 16

Why are you thinking about your grandma having sex?

Didn't even register until you said something #2... OP... You gots some 'splainin' to do

My thoughts exactly! If I found out my grandma was in a biker gang, there are plenty of things that would cross my mind (her safety, how great it is that she has a hobby, what her friends are like, etc). How much sex she's getting wouldn't be one of them. lol

I only imagine he had to find out somehow...

Sheesh guys get your mind out if the gutter op was obviously talking action and adventure not naughty things.

wonder what ol Freud would say about this?

Lmao i would be so proud if i heard that

Well actually. She wouldn't be part of the gang.. More of an old type.. So she probably gets passed around.

Why would you say that? There are some things that shouldn't be said, and that's one of them, you sick bastard.

Kallian_fml 21

What's saracasm? Is it some new version of sarcasm? Or is that what you say when a girl named Sara has an ******?

Not necessarily that gang but even a bicycle club would be an improvement if the OP is an introvert.

Once you're a member of a bike gang, you don't leave.

Allennis44 16

This is some Sons of Anarchy shit.

Where I'm from it's very true, so I can assure that it's not just some crap made up for your entertainment. I'm not saying it's like that everywhere, of course, I obviously wouldn't know, but..

True in the places I have lived as well 52. Not all are bad, but the people I know in them that have gotten away were always glad they left the lifestyle.

josebaseball11 14

You're life really must suck if you have to think about the action your grandma is getting...FYL.

Squirrel1256 15

Don't take it personally OP, some people just have an easier time connecting with others. I am not one one of those people either, sometimes we have to go out of our way to get noticed.

Yep I am in the same as you. But I don't like to go out and meet people so I have no chance but you do op. so good luck hope ya find some good people to be friends with.

jarockstar27 10

Yeah I am the same way, I usually turn people off more than make lasting friends with someone. It's hard to make true friends.....but when u do meet those people, treasure them OP.