By TheyHaveMyAddress / Thursday 6 March 2014 05:52 / United States - Jackson
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  ambiversion  |  12

agreed! whenever you make a mistake like this, it's always a good idea to go back and fix it. it will make them think kindly of you. even if you got a job somewhere else, you don't really want a bad relationship with a company! fixing it is much better than having them hunt you down and think of you as dishonest.

  japtap81  |  16

How is it rude to apply to a place you eat at? If you enjoy the food then it gives you an advantage of what's actually on the menu. Whereas if you've never been there it would be harder to remember all the items that are served.

  smokecloud_  |  37

I've been in the food industry for 12 years and I can promise you it is NOT rude and would actually give you a better chance of getting the job. If I had to choose between someone who never ate at my restaurant and someone who had, who do you think I should hire? Hell, the day I applied for the job I've been working almost a year now I was having an after lunch cocktail.

  pandalover69  |  26

You're suppose to go in fill out the application then leave. I don't know why but a lot of them prefer if you just leave the application. They don't like it when you come in, sit down then ask for an application while you're ordering your food. Maybe it's different if you ask for the application then randomly decided to eat there.

  japtap81  |  16

If they don't like you getting food while getting an application then it means they won't be able to throw your application away before someone else sees it. Yes that actually happens when they don't think you look good enough.
So yes it's smart to order food because they may not have a chance to toss it out, and they'll think you'll see them in the process. Which of course is also smart to hand it directly to the manager.

  glabberfasted  |  16

That is the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard. They WANT business. They want you to order food, whether you're applying for a job or not. If you've been told not to order food while putting in an application, it's because you're repulsive.

  fader48080  |  10

It is considered unprofessional. As a person that does hiring at a restaurant I can tell you it is unprofessional. Not because it is a restaurant, it would be rude if you applied at a car dealership and then went browsing cars or applied at a grocery store then went shopping. it is considered by many an attempt to garner favor or apply pressure to respond and rarely breeds results. If you are hungry eat then apply then leave. subtle distinction but it matters to many people.

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