By Anonymous - United States - Daphne
Today, I went to Waffle House to talk to the manager about getting a job. My boyfriend now wants to beat up the manager for giving me his number so that I can call him whenever I'm done filling in the application. FML
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I agree. You are perfectly entitled to have numbers from men, especially if it is for work. Also does this mean that he forbids you to have male friends? I'd recommend that you leave that controlling and aggressive boyfriend of yours, OP. It's only a matter of time till his anger and insecurity issues will be taken on you.

  OceanNut4  |  4

Some people are insecure with themselves and think they don't deserve to be with their partner but then again some people are just controlling dicks maybe you can talk to him and he will work on it if not find someone new you can't have a good relationship with someone who is like of luck op


I have jealousy issues that come from my father. He was controlling and jealous and the jealousy part passed down to me. It's hard as hell to deal with in a relationship especially knowing you can't help it.

  doctorhook86  |  24

87: You call him overprotective, but you'll learn. Guys like this don't trust their women and don't think of them as equal human beings. Worse still, he wants to assault people... when they talk to the OP about work.

Seriously, does that actually sound cute? I'm hoping you're just young and naive...

  Kaatosade  |  9

Excuse me, my comment was in jest. I only say that because the Waffle House in my area is a frightening, not to mention filthy location. I'm not saying this applies to OP's Waffle House nor am I saying it applies to any other W.H. I honestly was genuine in saying OP has courage-- fast food-area jobs are not easy and can be quite stressful at times, I know that. So no, my friend, I will not "get off this site."

  allia118  |  11

Don't do it. I just quit working at waffle house and I'm telling you save yourself. That place will brainwash you with the waffle house way, I'm not kidding. Just wait till you see the training manual and the stack of DVDs you have to watch before you can be red starred.

  yanksby7  |  6

I think he's gone as far as he will safely go, and now is the time to end it. OP, find someone who deserves your time and affection! Not some jealous scumbag!

  Church_Vii  |  4

Being jealous is not a bad thing, you simpleton. Jealousy and being protective of your loved on does not amount to aggression or mean you'll eventually hurt the woman. She should be flattered he cares, although the beating up thing was a no no.


Agreed. You defenetly have a "dead end" relationship. My advice would be to get out now, you can find someone else that is worthy of you. Trust is the core of a relationship.

  desireev  |  17

Even if he's the extremely jealous type, that still shows that he's a little boy who's undeserving of that kind of relationship. There is no "...or..." about it! That is just ridiculous.