By BrokeAsAJoke - 29/03/2009 13:38 - United States

Today, I got a chance to have dinner and a movie with a girl I've liked for a while. I ran late, so in a hurry to make the movie, and trying to be smooth for her, I told the waiter I'd "take care of him" if he made it fast. He did. When he brought the check, I realized I had forgotten my wallet. FML
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That could have happened to anybody. I feel your pain!

so you didnt get laid Im guessing


you deserved that one. edit: first.

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were you driving without a license?

pingpongpickle 8

who drives with a license these days?

Maybe OP didn't have his license in his wallet?

very smooth...YDI

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you blew it

You deserved it, but that still sucks. I've had those days before.

at least fuck him to make up for it

That could have happened to anybody. I feel your pain!

Ohhh, FYL :( I sometimes forget my wallet @home... Lucky that you werent stopped by police.

Wao. That sucks.

I think we've all done it. I lost my debit card the day before prom and I didn't have any cash... I didn't realize it until dinner was over : All that aside, YDI.