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Today, I went out with a friend to grab some food and we were served by this really cute and fun waiter. Stepping out of my comfort zone and deciding to do something crazy, I left my phone number on the bill. I got home only to realize that I forgot to pay the bill. FML
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I'm sure they'll call and you can sort it all out then.


I'm sure they'll call and you can sort it all out then.

Lol, OP should go back and personally apologize and try to laugh it off. Don't wait for them to contact you that still makes you look scummy.

1- Actually, that'd be brilliant if it was intentional. It guarantees he'll call you back and you can both laugh over it, you go pay the bill, have some idle chit chat, and you may get a date out of the deal, with a great story to tell the grand kiddies one day on how you met and married grandpa. ;) Good luck, Op!

15- exactly! And on the off-chance that they don't call back for whatever reason, OP gets off with a free meal!

If you'd really wanted to step out of your comfort zone, you would have asked him for his number straight in the face ;-)

23, I heard most girls don't like having a guy give them their number

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He'll call you for shure now!

28 don't believe everything you hear. It's insulting to assume all women are the same.

33, It's idiotic to take every little thing like that as an insult, especially since I was going off of what I've heard from the 3 out of 4 sister I have who bother with dating, and a couple of my closer, female, friends. Yes, it is a bit of a generalization, but it's no more of a generalization than you putting your personal beliefs as fact.

You do realize OP would still have the bill if he/she didn't pay it, right? This means the waiter wouldn't even have OP's number...

Uh. No... Not true. Most places bring your receipt to the table and you leave the money there. Therefore it is possible to leave the receipt on the table.

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On a lighter note, now you can say you're wanted! :)

Well, now he'll definitely call you! No? Well, sorry OP. But just go back and pay and apologize. It was a silly mistake.

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A desperate girl gets a "cute" waiter to call her? I'd say that qualifies as "Genius!"

This FML is adorable! I'm sure they'll settle the payments and then OP can go on a date with the waiter.

Oh no wait, it's not a badass, it's just a meme-repeating wanker called Niall.

57- Whoa, we got a very overused meme here! OP- Hey, maybe he'll call you. Most likely for the bill, sure, but you can have a little chat with him, no?

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not a big deal..go back and pay..

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Yes, you'll leave a better impression on the waiter.


62- for some odd reason, Your comment reminded me of Charlie the Unicorn. "Ring ring hello?"

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Ydi for being daring >:( Hahahahah jk but at least you're starting to come out of your shell :)

That's just a good reason to go back and see him. Play it up a little and flirt…just don't forget to apologize profusely to the manager =]

Epic fail. That's ok. We all have those days ^_^

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Apparently, writing your phone number on the bill wasn't the only crazy thing you did.