By Biggie - 02/02/2011 14:44 - United States

Today, during a snowstorm, I opened my car door to get out. The wind snapped it wide open, then immediately changed course and swung it back at me just as I stepped out, spilling an entire hot cup of coffee all over me. FML
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Well at least you were warm for a little bit.

Your coffee was committing suicide. I'd like to think it's because it couldn't bear the cold any longer, but I'm sure you know the truth that it just couldn't stand you.


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that sucks:(

That was mother nature punishing him for being gay.....mother nature hates the gays

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at least she/he was warm

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luckily that's all you got at least your warm some peolple actually get hurt when door slams them

that. is. HILARIOUS.

51-im guessing op did get hurt,they had a door slam on them and a hot drink spilt all over them

ystrdy I dd. FML

mawdraytrs sck!(;

nuh yu! dnt denye t!

I don't understand what he wrote D:

Sirin obviously changed it

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it's ok 57, I don't get it either D:

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trolling is a form of art

he said 'moderators suck', i think.

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i said fuuuurst why was it deleted ?

Read the rules.

Because you touch yourself at night.

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Prepare to get Internet-Attacked.

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it's better than being in Chicago right now lol

Australia FTW!!!!


Isn't Australia being hit by a Cyclone? o.o

Try living in northern Canada. We don't even know what the sun looks like... :'( *sniffle*

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82 - It's an orange/yellow ball. I'm sure you'd have seen it in movies.

@#68, only Queensland was hit really hard. When it reached other states, it had died down from a category 5 cyclone to a category 2. But the whole country got bad storms and small floods.

Well at least you were warm for a little bit.

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And his door didn't the car next to him. That happened to me once. Thank goodness no damage was done. In Texas the wind barely ever dies down. U can hear it howling day and night.

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I'm trying to understand the first sentence

I live in Chicago :( FML.

that sounds like a super sweet time man lol

at least you only spilled your coffee and didn't break a bone or something.

That's coffee abuse! You should be ashamed of yourself. Just kidding, hopefully you didn't get too burned. Don't you hate it when the weather seems to be against you.

Oh, now you're just making up words ;) Coffee abuse???

Oh no, they're 2 separate-non made up- words.

Yeah, okay, I'll plead the fifth. It was only a lighthearted joke, though.

Yeah, okay, I'll plead the fifth. It was only a lighthearted joke, though.