By Anonyme - China - Dalian
Today, I’m a student in China, and I attended a welcoming party for the new students. It consisted of a police officer telling us what’s forbidden, the penalties if we do anything wrong and to avoid bars and nightclubs. FML
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By  yerawizardlizzy  |  27

I don't really see a problem here. You need to have a basic rundown of what can get you into compromising situations. Much better to have this information than to wind up in jail with only "But I didn't know!" as an excuse.

By  Tripartita  |  44

Uhhh, that sounds like a pretty standard party to me, OP. For my 21st birthday, I'm hoping to splurge and see if I can't get a comptroller or fire safety chief to attend!

By  Suaria  |  37

China does have secret police that definitely take an interest in foreigners so it would make sense that a police in uniform would tell you what not to do.