By Anonymous - 16/04/2013 23:21 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I got intimate for the first time. A few hours later, we discovered he's highly allergic to my Summer's Eve soap. He looks like he's been attacked by bees. Yay for losing my v-card. FML
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Why were you using soap? That's not how it's done

So did you not use a condom or what? Douching isn't good for your ******. It cleans itself naturally.


Why were you using soap? That's not how it's done

Guess OP activated a trap card after the v-card move!

#1, it is called shower sex. Good clean fun!

OP, unless you have some funk, stop using it. It can really ruin your natural system down there. Talk to your Dr when you see her next. Also if you want to keep doing the deed with this guy, you might want to stop anyway.

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I liked the V before it popped...

Your biceps are larger than your head. That's weird.

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Now that's an itchy situation!

Not exactly what summers eve would have you believe in their commercials.

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At least you found the problem, maybe try a different soap for next time ;)

Unfortunate situations occur sometimes, atleast you know now and you can prevent it from happening again.

At least its an easy fix and it isn't the actual sex that's problematic.

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Who knows it was so bad that he instantly became allergic to her soap!

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I understand wanting to wash up after sticking your arm in a cows butt, but you should probably switch soaps.

Maybe you didn't get the memo, but FML isn't one persons blog

So did you not use a condom or what? Douching isn't good for your ******. It cleans itself naturally.

But you can't get pregnant if you have sex while you're in the shower!~

So the only skin to skin contact during sex is penis to ******? I knew I had the condom thing mixed up! Its really the complete opposite! Where's my crotchless hazmat suit...

You can actually get pregers in the shower or pool or bathtub

35 - (Completely obvious) sarcasm. That is all.

Umm, 33? Summer's Eve isn't a body wash, it's douching soap. So the only part of OPs boyfriend that would have had contact with the soapy area is his penis. Should've used a condom! Also, douching's bad.

actually 52, Summer's Eve has come out with a line of body wash and like deodorant stuff too. not just douching soap.

If it was regular body wash or whatever, he would have had contact with it before that point. Somehow I doubt OP and her boyfriend had never ever made skin contact before having sex.

I don't see what your v-card has to do with it - the reaction happened hours later so, while related, it's not like it spoiled your big moment. In any case, if that's your regular soap it was going to happen sooner or later, just be glad that it wasn't a hospital level reaction (I assume) and that you now know for next time.