By Anonymous - 20/03/2011 03:30 - United States

Today, I got my first kiss. He had an allergic reaction to my chapstick, and broke out in hives. FML
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Ouch. :( Poor guy.

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yuuummmm, sounds like he got a TASTY treat. bet it tasted like honey..from the hive. *ba-dum-ching*


Ouch. :( Poor guy.

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good thing she didn't give her first rim job to the guy.... then it would REALLY be bad lol

haha. I just modded an FML 'Today, my girlfriend kissed me for the first time. I had an allergic reaction to her chopstick and broke out in hives'. lol

You mean poor girl, right? After all the OP is a woman O_.

He's prob like never again

Yeah. I think he's allergic to fish scales (lipstick contains fish scales). You girls didn't know that? it's like kissing a fish. Ew.

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Suck it up OP! There was a news stiry a few weeks ago about a girl who had an allergic reaction from her first kiss and died.

I doubt he'll want to kiss you again.

Maybe he really likes her, and wants to kiss her again... Just as long as she doesn't wear the same chap stick lol.

Nao should be posting an FML more than anyone who gets posted on this site.

nothing happened to japan k? big moon yesterday rite.

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Agreed. "Today, I live in Japan. My city was destroyed and I'm growing a third arm. FML."

Little too early for those comments I believe. Be a tad more sensitive

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I'm sorry but what shady said was kind of funny.

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13 is right. something silly like that wouldn't make like a girl less.

hey, at least it didn't ruin your moment. fhl not yours. :/

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Oh, yeah. Breaking out in hives? Totally not a moment-killer. In fact, what a turn-on.

*takes notes* girls like gives and puffy lips... thanks alot ladies ill get layed for sure tonight.

sigh... I remember my first kiss... but I don't remember if I used a condom later that night... -.-'

dirtyblond 4

cool story bro

oh man that suxx... was it a good kiss thou? (;

Aside from the screaming I bet it was.

she most likely stopped when he started bleeding from his eyes. Or his nose melted. Most likely the nose melting I'd say

that's embarrassing... Hahah

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hey ur rlly cute ;)

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I hope you REALLY got in there.

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yuuummmm, sounds like he got a TASTY treat. bet it tasted like honey..from the hive. *ba-dum-ching*

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I see what you did there. :P

Not bad... Not bad...

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I wonder how long I took for them to notice..

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hahahaha it took me a second to get it.. I'm stupid

Aww. That's disappointing. At least you got your first kiss though. Just remember not to wear that Chapstick next time(;

wouldn't he have noticed the allergic reaction before the kiss? maybe it was her chapstick . pain is pleasure right??

Haha, I don't think he would notice an allergic reaction to the chap stick that she was wearing, before he kissed her.. But yes, pain is pleasure.

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Maybe he was allergic to girls? The girls give me the hives.

Yep, us girls have cooties.

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Cooties is a serious problem if you havnt had your cooties shot in the last 2 years you need to go see your doctor

49, you kinda just ruined that.

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You have a picture of Homer Simpson making out with Home Simpson nough said...

Would that make him a… Homo Simpson?? No, wait. Wouldn't it be masturbation, then?

65, hilarious 8 I doubt she'll stop wearing that chapstick for him. I react to the smells of make up and perfume by sneezing and no girl ever stops wearing them.

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I've stopped eating/wearing things that have Red 40 in them, because my fiance is severely intolerant. He gets awful migraines. If he's only allergic to that one type of chapstick, than it's not too much of a problem to just switch to something he doesn't react to.

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chapstick is differenttt. like allll girls like perfumes & smelling nice soo that's not gonna change. but chapstick isn't really something thats completely needed or wanted by girls. depending on who they are (:

49, since you said that, I got my cooties shot last night. All better:)

just be glad for his sake you didnt give your first blow job today

I was thinking that too, ouchouch then he'd definitely never call again.

gotta agree... but that would be pretty funny... probs not for him but for others

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I love ur icon!!!

The chapstick...right... Oldest one in the books lol

ahahaha. Best comment.

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Aw the poor chap.

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I get it!!! lol lucky for me the iheartbacon person said something or else I wouldve just thought #12 was just British