By Foxy - 10/01/2010 17:36 - United States

Today, I lost my virginity to my long time boyfriend and found out I'm severely allergic to latex. I also found out that my family doctor had been transferred to the ER. He went to play golf with my dad later. FML
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wtf? didn't you ever encounter latex before your first "sexy time"? And don't worry about your doctor telling on you, it's illegal.


You seem so smart and sophisticated until the last sentence


wtf? didn't you ever encounter latex before your first "sexy time"? And don't worry about your doctor telling on you, it's illegal.

It's not illegal if she was a minor. He can tell her parents anything as long as she is under 18.

When you turn 16 your legally allowed to have sex and if op is that age or older the doctor cannot tell op's father?

What #1 means is that it's illegal for a doctor to reveal confidential information about there patient.

#90 is absolutely correct

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Theres a thing called doctor patient confidentiality. He cannot and probably will not tell on you. Besides its just sex. Its not the end of the world. Your dad knew this day was coming from the time he found out his baby was a girl. Hope your ***** feeling better.


You seem so smart and sophisticated until the last sentence

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Dude seriously are u like 12. Because going hahahaha **** is real mature.

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oh wow.

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FYL for never having balloons as a child.

omfg poor thing

wowww. well that really sucks. good luck with thatt.

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#8 I AGREE !~!!!!

that's ****** that is way to harsh of a punishment gays are normal people too there not ******* with us so why should we **** with them

wow are you a Mormon? waiting until marriage before giving your guy some sexing? my girlfriend does the same thing to me and it SUCKS. girls who are reading this please do your mana favorand give him some

its one of the 10 commandments. all Christians follow them, not just mormons. just a lil fyi :)

#8, either you have never been in a relationship or you are completely stupid. As crazy as it sounds, sex is vital to build up a relationship and support it. Holding off sex until marriage is not healthy for a relationship. As for the OP, dont worry, it is against the law for the doctor to tell your dad anything you dont want him to spread.

How is not having sex unhealthy for a relationship? Not kissing, holding hands, or carressing is unhealthy. Not not having sex. This society is very corrupted. Everyone is having sex on the first date or 2months after dating. Whats up with that? No wonder there are so many people who have AIDS and unwanted babies. This is why you should wait until your married to have sex. Its not like your going to die! If you truly love the person then you dont have to have sex to "show" them that you love them. You can buy them gifts or help them with a problem. You dont have to hump them to show it. Also when you wait it makes it more special for you and your husband(and the ultimate gift) instead of having sex with him feel like an everyday pleasure.Thats my opinion.

I agree with #8 and#30 I am so waiting till marriage it is a ten commandment and I don't care if any of u motha fu***** thumb thus comment down!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy shit what crawled up your ass. Only intolerant bigots persecute other people's beliefs so, I won't judge yours but saying premarital sex is the reason behind the spread of aids is just ignorant bullshit. Does that mean children in Africa are having sex because a large portion of aids victims are infact children. And saying that its the mothers fault is just pure idiocy because a majority of the spread of aids is caused by poor medical conditions and contaminated blood transfusions. So stop being a tightass and get educated.

#8, how about you pull your bible out of your ass and get on with the 21st century.

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Times 3? No? Ok?