By hatemylifelol / Friday 8 January 2016 20:33 / United States - Roseville
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  9a_1z  |  12

Driving faster does not show you have a good driving ability, it shows you don't know how to stick to the speed limit.
The best drivers (on regular roads at least) you don't even notice because you don't have to keep a sharp eye on them in case they do something stupid.

  stangbang92  |  17

Depends on the road there's desolate roads with nothing but grass fields on each side 50 miles or more around where I Iive. The speed limits 30... The whole way. If you were to go the speed limit I'd contemplate shooting you.

  9a_1z  |  12

It's a case of drivers with good reactions and knowledge can drive fast because they have the judgement to know when to, but going fast does not mean you are a good driver.
Driving at a speed you consider safe on a road like that is fair enough, but driving faster than you otherwise would in order to impress someone suggests you're not driving with safety in mind otherwise you'd be going that speed to begin with. If you're unsure it's better to stick to the speed limit and let people overtake than drive erratically.
People who loose their minds when stuck behind a slower driver instead of calmly overtaking when it's safe are just as bad as the slow pokes in my opinion.

  tantanpanda  |  26

^I actually prefer people who speed over people who drive slow. Just because you drive fast does not mean you're an irresponsible driver. I'm generally speeding and I never get into accidents because I know how to brake appropriately and keep my lane.
I seriously hope you're not one of those people who drive in the left lane on the free/highway.

  9a_1z  |  12

Just because you drive fast doesn't mean you're a responsible (and therefore a good) driver either, which is my entire point.

I don't know what's made you think that since I'm happy driving at a speed limit I'd drive at less than that or drive in the wrong lane? (The left lane would be the correct one in my country though)

  jake131000  |  21

Woah woah woah!!! My comment is misinterpreted or misstated. You should drive slow and be careful because no one cares how cool you look. I'm actually a very careful driver. Sorry for the mistake!

  traveveland  |  16

Man, nobody seems to like your comments. don't worry I agree with you though. but I don't usually go the speed limit unless it's in a town or city. that's a straight 50. on country roads that are 80 I go at least 95. max I'd go is 130. in my neighborhood I generally go 30 or under

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