By goo - 10/2/2017 18:00 - United States - Louisville
Today, while having fun between the sheets with my boyfriend, his allergies got the best of him and his nose started running. Every time he kissed me he'd drip snot onto my face. When I complained, he said I was being insensitive. FML
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By  Aurora_BoreaIis  |  7

He snot very sensitive himself, is he? :c

By  hkhan24  |  23

Actually he's right, you are too insensitive... to dust and pollen and he's too sensitive which is what caused the problem in the first place

By  Ifuckedthefeartu  |  30

Just tell him to quickly clean up. It'll only take a second and he knows that. Sounds like he's just a little lazy. You should call him on it next time. Don't be mean, just point out that it doesn't take a lot of effort to fix stuff like that. And it's pretty gross for you