By Anonymous - 1/2/2015 10:21 - United States
Today, my boss explained that the company will be letting me go. She got so upset that she couldn't leave her office and I had to console her. I had to make her feel less sad for laying me off. FML
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  DaeccaD  |  5

most aren't assholes. they normally just chose the one who can do it best. those can put feelings aside and do what's best for the company. and then there are those that give orders to others to lay someone off. Those people mostly just see numbers instead of people.

good luck OP.

  randomguy76  |  14

It was never part of her "job". OP just isn't an asshole and seems to be very good with people. Kindness and good intentions aside, had OP left the boss to mourn alone it might have burned a very important bridge.

By  RobinGoodfellow  |  47

It might not have been her decision. There's also always the possibility of a discrepancy between you as a person vs. you as an employee. Anyway, sorry you got let go. Here's wishing you the best of luck in finding a new job.