By Casuallydying - 28/04/2017 04:00

Today, I went into my boss's office to confront her about not consulting me before switching my shifts with someone else. I left in tears. FML
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You need to go to HR! You really should be consulted for that.

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I really want to know what happened!!! That doesn't sound right at all!!


You need to go to HR! You really should be consulted for that.

andriod18 4

I really want to know what happened!!! That doesn't sound right at all!!

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Maybe the boss isn't legally obligated to, but it is common curtesy, and being an employer doesn't automatically give you the right to be a ******* rude asshole, let alone apparently verbally (or possibly even physically or sexually) abusive to the point of making an employee cry because they wanted to know why you changed their shift without telling them. A boss is supposed to lead by example, not sit with their thumb up their ass, treating employee like toys they can mess with, break, throw away and replace to entertain themselves or make them feel better about them self. If you are an employer you are just as ******* responsible for being a decent human being as every other person is. And if the boss didn't notify OP about the shift change, yeah, that could very well be a legal issues, or if the boss took away vacation days/days off they had agreed to give OP earlier. Also, the world being shit isn't a reason to add MORE shit to the pile.

Where I'm from they need to give you legally 24 hours notice before changing a shift..

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Your boss should still be human! And yes, if you have already been scheduled in (as it is not a brand new rota), of course they need to consult whether or not you're free that day! You were given a schedule, you made plans accordingly so they wouldn't clash with your job. If that schedule is now changed, you can't expect the employee to be available anymore.

Man coming from a place that treated me so badly, I feel for you.. please take this to HR and fight for yourself i was left in such a bad place and cannot stand to see others in same boat

OP here, I did not think this was going to be published. Right, there's a lot behind this in general, but the breakdown is essentially that we were short on staff (Per usual) and my boss was trying to hook a guy to take a few double shifts. Since he's usually the one that ends up working double and he was on a shift he absolutely hates, he said that he didn't have the energy. My boss, instead of asking anyone else, said that he could take my shifts during that time instead. And, yeah, she does have the power to switch our shifts as long as it's the same amount of time, but my shifts were shorter. Things like this has happened a little too often, so I got irritated enough to call her out on it. With her being defensive and me being stressed out of my mind, I ended up crumbling together. Thanks for all your supportive messages, though! I'll try to first bring this up as an issue to her before I go to HR with it, though.