By no money anymore - 18/01/2012 03:31 - United States

Today, I hosted a "Night Out Against Crime" party at our local park. Only three people came, they robbed our fundraiser booth. FML
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runepop 0

Well...did they just rob u to prove that crime is bad? Literal Example. Lol


Well. That's probably why they submitted it to

Oooh.. You got him good.

Muslimgal92 0

Hahaha ohh the irony!!

iamsosurprised at how bad this comment is!

Yeah, but now the robbers will stay away from houses for a bit longer as they live off the money for the booth, making the event a success

Well you gotta admit you kinda provoked it.

That sounds like something I'd do...when's the next one?

No shit Sherlock...that's the whole point!

runepop 0

Well...did they just rob u to prove that crime is bad? Literal Example. Lol

SecretMe00 5

Seriously OP!!! You're either really dumb to have done that or you have horrible luck... I can't decide.

Well, let us know when you come to a conclusion. I for one am dying to find out your decision! Don't keep me in suspense too much longer. :(

nunsrtight69 0

if no one came how did you have any money to rob?

sakana_fml 7

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xSonic 9

Shut up

so.. how was it?

After reading the FML it doesn't seem like it went well. sucks

Why did you host it outside at night time. That's a thefts dream

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

*Thief* Sorry.. It bothered me a lot. I still agree. More crimes happen at night

isn't it Batman's job to take back the night? oh nevermind OP isn't in Gotham

badass243 6

rough neighborhood

I think I came in my pants...

I came in shorts and a t-shirt.

TheOnlyAlan 0

Ohhhhh, irony.

Well if only three people came... And they robbed the fundraising booth... They couldn't have gotten very much money... Since no one else was there to donate!

They could have stolen the equipment.