By soon to be unemployed - 28/01/2014 22:36 - United Kingdom - Southampton

Today, my boss let me know that I'm being laid off, via a text message that ended in "lmao". FML
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You should have sent a pic of your middle finger


colton_colton 49

Atleast now OP can hopefully work for someone more mature and isn't a complete douche

Agreed. The maturity is definitely not with him. Though OP could work at McDonald's and his boss be a 19 year old manager with the IQ of a turnip. If the ex-boss has a boss you can contact, see if you can use the text to get him fired for lack of professional conduct.

As a 19 year old manager at McDonald's, I would like you to know my IQ is slightly higher than that of a turnip lol

Just because you are intelligent, it definitely doesn't mean all are. I've met one before. It scared me. Seriously, the boss text fired him and ended it with lmao, the stupidity is fairly obvious. I didn't mean all McDonald's workers were stupid, plus McDonald's was just an example.

saad2605 16

I come back after a while only to find that people still aren't able to understand the concept of sarcasm on this site. But sorry OP. Hope you find someplace better.

mrlopez 13

All hail the manager at #22 (Can I get a free cone?)

I really can't understand how so many assholes make it to manager. They wouldn't last five minutes in my game! Good luck OP. I hope it pans out well for you.

Free cones for all if you can find me!! haha and 25, how on earth would a dumb manager at McDonalds scare you? did they brandish their nametag at you?

Yeah I agree with #1, that wasn't very nice of him to do that. What's so funny about being laid off?? And who lays someone off via text message? That's very informal.

almehdi 4

@The McDonalds Manager, Thanks for making me rofl quite literally :D

What a dick. Good luck in this job market, OP :/

Hopefully in finding a new job, you'll find yourself some better management.

Can't you report this total dick or something?! Surely you had a contract OP. If you did, go animal on this ********.

I don't know why you for thumbed down, it is. It's highly unprofessional. Even an email (without slang) would be better.

colton_colton 49

I agree 23. Nearly anything is better then some text. Using any slang at all, especially lmao, is beyond immature and unproffesional.

buttcramp 21

I totally agree! I'd get on the phone with the boss' boss and inform him/her of the lack of professionalism.

Plot twist: OP's boss was trying to be more 21st century by using slang.

crazytwinsmom 25

Plot twist, the boss' initials are lmao.

colton_colton 49

Other plot twist: the boss is just an immature jerk!

StillUsesMyspace 22

Sorry 3, as inappropriate as it was what the boss did, this FML still made me lmao

You should have sent a pic of your middle finger

I would have sent one of my bare ass with kiss it.

Depending on the circumstances said boss may have liked that pic. And then stored it in a folder named "Tax Stuff" so his wife wouldn't get snoopy.

Seriously? Sounds like your boss is pretty damn immature. Must have been terrible working for that asshole goodluck OP

Well maybe This could have happened. The boss sent a very heartfelt message kindly letting OP down and then ended with a good time that happened at the office to lessen the blow that ended with lmao. Thats one take on it as we should not jump to conclusions that the message said "your fired lmao".

MissWhitneyB 17

I completely agree. I was fired from my coaching position because a mom of a player wanted my job.

I heard people were getting fired through Facebook posts now. It is a sad thing.

Twitter is such a waste. I love how anyone can impersonate someone's email address on there and twitter support won't do shit about it. Even if it costs you a job. Didn't you say twitter at first?

And that's why I don't use twitter anymore

There was a story about that in my local paper yesterday. Apparently, one restaurant keeps its roster on Facebook, of all places, and when one of the staff rang up to ask why she wasn't on the roster, she was told she no longer had a job and should hand in her uniform. Completely disgraceful, if you ask me.

A new way to keep track of your workers. Coming to a restaurant near you.

A station I once worked at had a pretty ass way of firing people. They would remove your code from the door lock and post a sign saying don't let this person in the building. Sucked especially hard for the morning show people who discovered they were fired when they would show up in the middle of the night to start their shift.

Fr0gs 15

Kick him the crotch on the last day! The satisfaction will be beyond measure!

If he's that immature, I wouldn't trust his views as your employer. Try bringing it up to his boss or the executive board. He's more than likely trying to fire you for no reason, but to laugh at your misfortune.