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  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

Trust me, people will find REDICULOUS reasons to vote ydi. I know a few:

Ydi for having a PS3/X-Box/Wii/console, going to McDonalds, going to wal-mart, "spending rediculous amount's of money where I found a place where they have it cheap", being gay, for having a cat/dog, (most recently) for doing christmas stuff in november.

Honestly, people vote because they disagree with something mentioned, read it wrong, insensitive, or just plain ass-faces.

  sheethapins  |  13

These creatures, once considered rare, are sometimes considered "pests" and other times considered "little helpers," similar to how people view spiders. Like arachnids, they prey on weaker entities that often are captured by the trolls traps, though there are also scavenging trolls who take advantage of creatures already trapped or weakened by other trolls. There is no known sure fire way of getting rid of these household trolls, though if you apply what you know about them and think like a troll, you may have a chance at better understanding these interesting beings and thus learning to live with them rather than trying to wipe them out.

Save The Trolls.