By Anonymous - 02/12/2011 21:54 - United States

Today, my boss announced that instead of holiday bonuses being on the cards, the company is going under and we'll all be out of a job next year. FML
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skata 4

what kind of asshole votes this as you deserved it?


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6- Grrrrr I was going to comment that...

Are you suggesting OP be a professional fisherman? Or are you suggesting prostitution? Cause those two pretty much the same.

At least he give OP some notice ahead of time.. Better than on December 31st! Hey there's a positive!! :)

jwade11 12

Seems that's happening to a lot of people recently

skata 4

what kind of asshole votes this as you deserved it?

AdrianEC 15

Probably the same assholes that thumb up wimpy and/or deserved posts.

I think some people just vote "ydi" on everything to bump up their badge score or something.

There's always that chance you accidentally chose the wrong one. Of course, if you honestly think OP deserved it then that qualifies you as asshole.

Trust me, people will find REDICULOUS reasons to vote ydi. I know a few: Ydi for having a PS3/X-Box/Wii/console, going to McDonalds, going to wal-mart, "spending rediculous amount's of money where I found a place where they have it cheap", being gay, for having a cat/dog, (most recently) for doing christmas stuff in november. Honestly, people vote because they disagree with something mentioned, read it wrong, insensitive, or just plain ass-faces.

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I am a proud "you deserve it" thumb up!!

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Quit while you still can and act like you were too good for them

Why would he do that he's gotta collect the last of his paychecks and save them while he's lookin for a new job

Looks like Wal Mart will get new employees!

That store is banned from my life. I would never recommend anyone working there! Costco is where it's at!

Fyl and your coworkers. Times are tough, and a lot of other people are in this situation.


At least its not a membership to the jelly of the month club

Haha I remember that movie followed by the biggest diss to a boss ever

But it's the gift that keeps on giving.

How in the Hell could you possibly deserve that?

HITide76808 0

"Tis the season to be sucky" sorry 2 hear that

Well that's a cynical approach to the holidays! Merry Christmas to you too!