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OP here, okay for all of those who are retarded and have never tried to submit an FML before, you only get 300 characters. Most people can put together that I got my food, went home, and put the drink on my window sill and fell asleep. I wasn't exactly thinking that the ice melted when I was more than half asleep and thirsty. I'm sorry that I can't describe my experience in intricate detail for all the retards that don't understand normal human talk. Thank you very much.
By LoLLightning - / Saturday 27 June 2009 07:24 / United States
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  EJade  |  0

He sat his drink on the window sill and fell a asleep. While he was asleep a roach crawled into it. When he woke up he went to take a drink not knowing there was a roach in it.

  sickinlove13  |  0

She didn't say she went home, placed her drink on the window sill [who does that at home? That's what tables are for], and fell asleep. What's unclear about this FML is her falling asleep at Burger King. I think that's what the above posts are commenting about.

  fantasyflamz  |  0

The same thing happened to me. When I was younger (~11) I used to bring a closed cup of water with those straws that has a cap on the end to bed with me because I would get thirsty before bed/during the night. Except, I forgot to put the cap on it. HUGE mistake. I woke up in the morning and took a sip of my water. I freaked out because I felt something crawling around in my mouth. I grabbed it out of my mouth, and it was a live spider! (Until I crushed it). Nothing beats a live insect crawling around in your mouth. Seriously nasty. I think that is part of the reason for my phobia of spiders.


Um...you know Burger King is a fast food restaurant, right? Meaning they have the option of getting your food TO GO and eating it in YOUR OWN HOME. OP probably thought most people could put that simple bit of logic together on their own but unfortunately, looks like she was wrong...

  cartering  |  0

It also clearly states "MY windowsill." So unless you are an idiot, you know from reading the post that she took the drink back home. Or do you seriously think she lives in Burger King, and thats why their window is her window.

By  ihatestupidppl  |  0

I'm super obsessive when it comes to food (mostly because I'm scared that something like this would happen to me!), so I'm gonna have to say FAIL for eating/drinking anything that was left out uncovered over night.

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