By Anonymous - 20/12/2013 14:27 - South Africa - Cape Town

Today, my boss decided that a mug and a public 'thank you' were a sufficient substitute for a Christmas bonus. FML
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At least you got that. Bonuses aren't guaranteed, and some bosses don't recognize their employees' hard work.

I'm sorry OP he might be like Scrooge, damaged at a young age. :/ Anyways, Merry Christmas! :)


I'm sorry OP he might be like Scrooge, damaged at a young age. :/ Anyways, Merry Christmas! :)

At least you got that. Bonuses aren't guaranteed, and some bosses don't recognize their employees' hard work.

jazzy_123 20

lets hope it was a badass mug!

perdix 29

#2, which is why I don't work hard. ;) It takes a lot more effort to work hard and get disappointed at the lack of recognition than to slack off and get the same level of notice.

Yes bonus aren't guaranteed, and with my company we get bonuses based on company performance. We didn't do good last year so nobody got bonuses. Hope this year will be different.

perdix 29

Good catch, #21, now we know why it was a tough year for GrammarCorp Industries!

#14 *let's. Yeah that's right, I was just a grammar Nazi to the grammar Nazi.

jazzy_123 20

31, damn I fail! lol. Ok that was my first and last attempt at trying to correct someone x)

#2 hit it on the button. Just keep working, and look for a new job if you want a bonus.

I don't want my boss to recognize me in any way. If he suddenly popped up and said good job I'd be wondering what the catch was. Last time I was told I was a doing a good job and they appreciated me I got two pay deductions. I'm not the only one. My co-worker was given a turkey dinner by the vice-president on thanksgiving and he was to scared to eat it; then more frightened about his job.

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I agree completely. Where I work we don't get bonuses (the running joke is bonus, what's a bonus?) and we most certainly don't get thanked by out boss. If I got a thank you that would be awesome, but if I got a free mug out of if, that would just be too great for words man. Seriously.

Agreed, our Christmas bonus was having the day off without pay, and then working the following Saturday to make up for the day we took off.

DKjazz 20

Mug him to make up the difference.

JMichael 25

Send him a package of toilet paper for Christmas. That way he can wipe the ass out of his personality.

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He's not really that bad of a guy. Maybe he doesn't have the authority to hand out Christmas bonuses. Did you ever think of that? Christ, some people are ungrateful. I know it's just a mug, but that's more than other people get from their bosses.

While it's certainly nice to get an actual bonus, remember what you learn at thanksgiving and be grateful for what you have. Just be thankful you have a job and your boss at least appreciates you even if he didn't give you extra money to prove it.

jazzy_123 20

what makes you so sure her boss appreciates her? There are some asshole bosses out there.

He got her something and thanked her, even if it was in public. He could have just not done anything. At least he did something even if it isn't fantastic.

Sweetpea22 14

If the boss didn't appreciate her, then he wouldn't have given her anything. I never got anything for Christmas from my boss. OP should be grateful they got anything

We don't have Thanksgiving in South Africa.

Allornone 35

It's more than I got, but then again, I work retail. Surviving the season is the best we can hope for.

jazzy_123 20

I completely understand. I got hired at a retail store for the season and after the week of black Friday, I didn't want go back!

Christmas bonuses aren't guaranteed at all places. I hope you knew that before going out and buying your gifts.

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At least you got something. Many bosses don't acknowledge their employees at all.

It's the thought that counts. Well, that and money. Money helps.

perdix 29

What? You got a mug?!?! I just got a public "thank you" from my boss. Well, not personally, he thanked hundreds of us collectively at our Christmas luncheon yesterday. That's my bonus, so whose L is F'ed?

Shit, at least you got Christmas lunch. That would be a bonus in my eyes.

perdix 29

#72, we were compelled to pay for our own luncheon with a mandatory payroll deduction. Plus, while we were locked in the lunchroom, management hired people to siphon gas from out cars' tanks!

Ah, well I don't think you can get more Christmas spirit than that...that's terrible.

I get a Christmas lunch, but we have to pay for it our selves.