By gtfb1993 - 02/12/2011 22:21 - Canada

Today, I was at the laundromat, when an attractive girl set up at the machine next to mine. She looked me up and down, then noticed the skid-marks on my underwear. FML
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Maybe she's into that kind of thing...?

Aw crap! Looks like op is not getting laid

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You diserve it for whereing underwear

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49 he can't he got kicked out for sagging with no under clothes.


64- 49 was talking to 39... I think you need to go to school and learn about following a conversation...

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Skid marks are 100% preventable, along with being stood up by an attractive girl because of it!

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Are you being ironic? I really hope you are...

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90- why don't you take your own advice.. It clearly says 29

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Attractive girl at laundromat.... Hard to find.

did someone say buttsecks?!? ya that wasn't meant for you OP that was meant for the guy next too you because apparently you shit your pants...

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You can name anything, and there's somebody out there into it.

That's why all my underwear are brown. No skids for me

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Nice. Wipe more to prevent that?

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27 - unless you're pulling some witchcraft here, you don't know if op's a girl and even if op was a girl it wouldn't make a difference

That's right, 27. Because girls don't wipe after they go to the bathroom. They rub their bottoms on the wall and spray their assholes with vodka. 2, you should get out more.

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Pshhh, OP is too manly to wipe. Of course, a side effect of that level of manliness is the repulsion of anyone but equally manly men. I suppose in his quest to impress the ladies he ended up doing just the opposite.

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Well this might sounds gross but with ass hair it's more difficult to completely wipe ._.

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There are so many things wrong with what you just said.

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All these new acronyms what's op??

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Really? I always thought it stood for Operating Profit. I could never understand why people on FML were so into economics.

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I thought skid marks came more from sharting? I mean yeah they can happen from not wiping obviously but still lol

That's disgusting. At least try to wash it out before you take your laundry to a laundromat! There's no privacy there. EVER.

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Why would u wash something before u goto pay to wash it?

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He should wash his asshole with soap and water. There's a solution.

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119- Your picture and your comment are hilarious together

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If you rinse them out with too much bleach, that will solve the problem of having any underwear in the first place.

I think he goes to the laundromat because he can't wash them at home... Plus it is a waist to wash it before paying to wash it.

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Of course, another one of these comments... Yeah that's right, *sigh*

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Am I the only one that facepalmed myseld when I read this?

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70 - If history is any indication, that would be a solid no.

How many more of these dumb comments will it take for people to realize that their comment will be buried if they say a cheesy pun?!

80- Nope. I just facepalmed myself, too.

If you sit here and comment on cheezy puns, is that going to make the person not want to post another?Giving people attention for saying a cheezy pun, is exactly why people post cheezy puns.

147- the word you're lookng for is "dick".

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161 I think you just called yourself a dick...

161 so your one of those non-stop attention cravers huh?

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slushpup9696 12
slushpup9696 12
slushpup9696 12
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Actually Mr. Scholl there was in fact shit. I strongly believe that was the problem. Damn you slush. You beat me to it

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...did I just accidentally have a fiver? Not a double post, not a triple post, not a quad, but a fiver. Wow. Laggy internet for the win. I will now be accepting your thumbs downs. *shuts eyes, clenches teeth, turns around, and bends over*

I think you went a little overboard on the repost #33-37. Joking, but yes slow internet is the worst.

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I don't know why but when I read that for some reason I heard clevelands voice no offense

Wash your backside you filthy swine...

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Maybe she likes her guys heavy flow. Or just tell her that's the way you bought them, it's the new style.

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Yea it's just a camouflage pattern

23- now you can see you can't!!