By CalebNotShomo / Thursday 25 December 2014 15:25 / United States - Houston
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  Murilirum  |  23

No kidding, why is he in a position of leadership when he thinks it's okay to text something like that. I've had to fire a few people and it's never something fun, but it's a level of courtesy that you at least say it to their face and given them the respect they are due.

  mrmcleod  |  29

The hell #37 got down voted? He's right. That "boss" is a coward. Can't even give an employee the respect of doing it to his face. Not only is the dude a coward he's a sadist, he took joy on a text like that on Christmas. It's as childish as a text message breakup. OP is better off anyway.


Not necessarily. Yes, it's terrible to do it on Christmas, but we don't have enough information to say OP didn't deserve it. For all we know OP could slack off, fake being sick, etc. Never overestimate somebody!

  mrmcleod  |  29

#12 were you "let go" or fired and was it via text message?

I understand seasonal work may end at the end of the season, but normally they let you go or lay you off so you can at least receive unemployment benefits.

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