By bubblebuttfuckfart - 13/10/2012 17:32 - Ireland

Today, my aunt brought me a birthday present. I quickly figured out that she'd simply returned the jacket I let her borrow two years ago for my brother's graduation party. It reeks of cigarette smoke and alcohol. FML
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For some reason your comment just reminded me of George Michael's song "last Christmas" and now I can't get it out of my head !

DarkHelmet 10

Took the words right outta my mouth

Omg, LOL, made me laugh so hard. >.<

44- Yes, it's certainly a uh- unique combination of words.

Enjoy that smell it's been aged quite nicely.

trippythehippy 6

Regifting to the max!! Ouch. I usually just give people a little card that says moneys short, times are hard, heres your f#**%ng birthday card. Happy bday op

14- I am equally as confused by your profile pic .

It's a modern art painting at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. :D

trippythehippy 6

#14. Yea I was kinda baffled when I seen it to. I had to stop. If for no either reason than to take the pic. But Ty for noticing ;)

You mean that's a REAL stop sign??? O.o I'm so confused now, I'm not entirely sure you aren't ******* with me!

Epikouros 31

Maybe the sign maker was colorblind? Red-green colorblindness occurs in about 7% of all men in the US.

trippythehippy 6

Yes it is very VERY real. No photo shop no hoax. I promise when I pulled up, I just sat there staring at it for a minute before I took the pic...

Well, stranger things have happened. For example, that time it rained herring. I believe you. :D

So wash it a few times and be happy to have it back...

WeAreRisen 6

What kind of alcohol? Beer or liquor? It does make a difference you know.

Out of interest, what difference does it make?

Well if it's piña colada scented it's not all that bad, eh?

Smoke goes better with the earthier liquors.

And this is why you only let people who you absolutely completely trust to borrow your clothes.

You'd think her own aunt would qualify though...

Personally I don't think so. In my experiences family relatives take the longest in giving shit back to you (and not in necessarily he best condition) cause apparently according to my mum 'it doesn't matter cause they're family'

MuseFanatic 8

It's really not the worst gift you can get But Happy Birthday :)

Ah reminds me of high school.. Sad days there

Reminds me of the time I let my friend borrow my car... A recently bought 1997 Jaguar nonetheless. I told him not to smoke in it. I had to call the police to get him to return it and when he did the leaping cat emblem was gone, the interior stunk of cigarettes, and he didn't even bother to discard the empty marlboro packs. Well, needless to say, I learned my lesson. I hope you learned yours.

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If you think people are going to read all of that/give a shit you're wrong

#11: I read all of it, so what's your point?

If you think that's a long comment you clearly haven't been here very long. *Looks at profile* Nine comments. Just as I thought. Move along, troglodyte. Don't you have some books to not read?

A simple set of rules in life when it comes to letting people borrow your stuff. 1) if you are going to let someone borrow an item, don't expect it back. Thus, the thing you lend out, is a "gift-on-demand" for the borrower. You don't have to give your "friends" gifts anytime they want a gift. 2) based of 1, make sure you can live without what you lend out, or are comfortable with losing it entirely. By the way gracehi, if your "friend" was a guy, then he broke bro-policies. At the very least, he ought to have filled the tank before the police got it back.

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Why aren't you partying with her?