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Today, I found out where a few of my favorite outfits went. My mother had taken them out of my closet, wrapped them, and given them to my cousin as a gift. FML
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That sucks. Give your mom away as a gift.

checkersonsocks 0

Won't your cousin notice that she's wearing your clothes? Or at least that they're used?


That sucks. Give your mom away as a gift.

xosportsgirl14x 8

Judging by their mom, that would be a worse gift to receive than socks.

Op haven't you ever heard of the saying sharing is caring :p

Do the same except give your mom's clothes to your Aunt.

Does this mean I can share my herpes with you #25? Since I care so much about you...

Sure... I think of std's as pokémon... I gotta catch them all

Give her jewelry away as a gift to your aunt

lionandthelamb61 9

At least the mom didn't wrap the gifts and give them back to the OP... My friends mom would take the likes of half burnt candles and used toiletries, wrap them, and give them as gifts to me and my friend on Christmas. She wasn't even hard up, just doped up on booze and prescription pills. We would laugh about it then, but in reality I'm sure it was really hard on my friend seeing her mom like that for most of her childhood. FYL, Op, if your mom is anything like my friends, you might want to stage an intervention with family.

90- a new mom should go on your Christmas list this year.

I'll be ya momma! You're grounded forever though

truebrotrue 7

Op should wrap up some of her moms clothes and send them to her aunt as "gifts"

truebrotrue 7

Whoops,didn't read 31's comment before I posted,send me a shovel I am gonna be buried

MeeshaMeeshaPup 8

Did OP's mom really think she wouldn't notice? I'm sure I would notice right away if my mom gave away my most favorite outfit. That's just messed up.

Next time take your mothers clothes and give it to your friends mother :$ as a gift

I doubt his mum will be wanted by people as a gift.

cjade5 0

It says she took a few... At least you have more and they aren't ALL gone. That's just my assumption though. Don't penalize me if I'm wrong.

xphoebex 5

YDI for having stylish clothes, Lol jokes. Sell her. XD

That sucks... hahaha!

Xr70r7 4

Does it now?

I bet he enjoy's another persons misfortune's. Hence the "hahaha"...

Xr70r7 4

Congradulashuns. I go on her funny, not sympathy, sorry.

2- Your comment sucks... hahaha!

sinking_fish 12

46- I sincerely hope you did that on purpose.

Nah bro it was autocorrect

Xr70r7 4

Yes I did do that on purpose. I even denied the autocorrect! Yaa

Sharing is caring.

here, share my AIDS. but only cause i care about you

flockz 19

here's some used condoms. i only wear them to protect my lady from my warts.... but it doesn't matter because i care about you and I'm willing to share.

And stealing is wrong So do us a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP, thank you very much

Here have some..... Shit 101 wrecked the combo!

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Won't your cousin notice that she's wearing your clothes? Or at least that they're used?

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39- re read 4's comment. Kthnxbai

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At least you get more clothes. Maybe

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I hope the clothes weren't vintage

bitchslapped22 14

Looks like that'll be necesarry

Don't forget to bring your mom

poemqueen 15

That's really cheap of your mom op!

CalCommando 6

Sharing is caring. But seriously, that is the epitome of douche.

Are you seriously going to post that on pretty well every comment 98?

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D8< that`d make me so mad! do you feel less loved? I sure would.

Let me guess, you're between the ages of 10-15...and you're very emotional.

oreobunbun 3

Most likely female...(flame war in 3...2...)

2ndSucks 15

...1. Oh, it's not here. Imagine that.

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My mom has done that to me too. >.< I'm sorry OP.

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Shit happens

at least she didn't sell your car while saying happy thanksgiving... (reference)

Did she really think she could get away with that? Not like you wouldn't see your cousin afterwards and put 2 and 2 together

Sorry OP. That's extremely messed up.