Bye Felicia!

By NeedMoreFriends - 03/07/2015 10:30 - United Kingdom - Wakefield

Today, I rang up a good friend to ask her to be one of the two bridesmaids at my upcoming wedding. Before I could ask, she let me know that she would not be attending my wedding, as, "Weddings are expensive, so I'm not attending ones for people that are just acquaintances." FML
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Say it is fine, and that bitches cant attend anyway

marissyyyyy 15

If she says you're just "acquaintances" then she doesn't deserve to be in your wedding anyways. Oh! And congratulations!


Say it is fine, and that bitches cant attend anyway

marissyyyyy 15

If she says you're just "acquaintances" then she doesn't deserve to be in your wedding anyways. Oh! And congratulations!

Whatever, that's just one more plate you don't have to pay for!:)

Yep. Weddings are expensive and she just made this one cheaper.

Yeah, that's what I don't understand. Weddings are expensive... For the couple getting married. Not so much for the guests, usually. What do you have to pay for, other than maybe a wedding present? And the cost of that is up to you, it doesn't have to be super expensive. So the "I'm not going to your wedding because it's too expensive" excuse just sounds like pure bullshit to me.

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Congrats! But FYL. Oh well, "**** that bitch" She in no way deserved to be your bridesmaid anyway.

In what way are weddings expensive!? If she's a bridesmaid then she gets a dress for free and then just has to show up and eat free food

It depends on who the wedding is for. Some bridesmaids are expected to pay for their own dresses, regular attenders of the wedding could be asked to pay a contribution to the wedding to put towards expenses.

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Actually, bridesmaids pay for their own dresses sometimes. I've had to pay for mine every time so far.

Being a good bridesmaid is expensive and a lot of hard work. You are there to support the bride and help with planning the wedding, engagement party, hens night, bridal shower etc. Most bridesmaids have to pay for their own dress, hair, makeup, shoes and accessories. I have been a bridesmaid, maid/matron of honour 5 times and I will never do it again. Too much stress.

OP didn't even get to tell her that she wanted her to be a bridesmaid yet. The "friend" was talking about expenses as if she was going to be the average attendee.

Definitely not how it works here. I had to buy a $300 dress, had to buy supplies to make decor, and spend $1500 on the bachlorette party trip... Pretty sure being a bridesmaid cost me over $2000.

Actually not always true. Every wedding I've been to the bridesmaids have to pay. I'm a bridesmaid in one coming up and have to pay for hair, makeup, the dress, shoes and a hens night and whatever else pops up. It does get expensive but it's worth it if you're close to the bride :)

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Lol, as a maid of honor in an upcoming wedding i can tell you they are expensive. No, the dress isn't free - plus the hair, makeup, shoes, nails. And the time and expense of helping plan, throwing the bachelorette party, Jack and Jill, etc.

Yikes, here in the UK I've only known women to have a hen night, not a bridal shower and engagement party as well. if you're expected to fund that much, some of you have been taken advantage of rather!

ouch..say you called to say acquaintances are no longer invited

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Are you perhaps 5 years old?

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Congrats on getting married! But if she claims that you don't know each other well, then she doesn't deserve to go.