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Today, my best friend was doing my hair. She got frustrated and exclaimed, "It won't stay!" I replied with, "Just like your mom!" It was then that I remembered her mom had just left her dad and moved out of the house to be with someone else. FML
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Wow, my friend, you have honestly the best jokes I have heard this side or the other.


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Shoulda just stuck with "That's what she said." :/

LOL. OP, similar situation happened with my friends. I was introducing my friend Adriena to an old friend from high school, Taylor. Taylor told a 'Yo Momma' joke to her. Adriena gave her a weird look. I had to pull Taylor to the side to explain that Adriena's mother died when she was a newborn. Hah, I should submit that to FML...

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#66-So it went like this? "Taylor, this is Adriena." "Nice to meet you, Taylor." "YOUR MOM IS SO FAT....."

68- no dummy stuff happened in btwn lol. op-ouch that sUx but I feel worse for her. 19- ahahahahaha so true lmao

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wow your a total bitch, how is this your flm? if anything it's your friends flm for having such an awful and insensitive friend like you.

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You better suck her off, OP.

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Damb that sucks FHL not your's !

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150 and 157, I knew exactly what I meant, so stop hating and GFY!

Mr. T says: Remember when you put down one mother, you put down mothers all over the world.

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Rule of thumb: If you don't have have a profile pic, gtfo or stfu.

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you should give yourself those last two advices. what's the big deal? it's just a tiny image.

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Wow, my friend, you have honestly the best jokes I have heard this side or the other.

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may i beh the first to say, "think before you speak"?

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no, because the phrase is "think before you speak" , so the question mark goes out of the " ", so next time you decide to pick on someone make sure you know what you are talking about

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Whew! I avoided some serious heat from the Grammar Nazis.

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On FML, it should be: "Think twice, type once, and hit refresh thrice."


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53 - That's scary! It seems like you definitely know a lot about nazis, I wouldn't have thought there were so many of them in Grammer, Indiana... Or are you talking about some sort of Kelsey Grammer-related nazis? 'Cause that would be even scarier!

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grammer... ...bring it, im ready.

umm a buncha you are wrong. it's grammAr not grammer. just sayin.

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am I the only one who noticed your the second not first to say this

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Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husbands cuz they correctin err'body out here!

Grammer is a place is Indiana. Just letting you know.

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Hey grammar Nazis, correct grammar would make the phrase "grammatical Nazis". Get your shit straight. it wasn't your fault for sayingthat but it was for forgetting. ouuuch):

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why would "like your mom" even make sense in that context. totally OP's fault for saying it

Because OP's friend's mom won't stay with them.

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I thought it was funny. My moms a ***** ;)

Clearly the chick up there ^^^^^^^ needs to give you her horribly revised speech about thinking before you speak...or type... Because clearly it was OP's fault. Who else is there to blame? YOUR MOM?! *zing*

Aaaaand, I'm guessing you're not friends anymoar huh...? Smoooooooth move thar.

Well would you look at that, I have my own grammar/spelling Nazi. :] Thank you dearie for clearing that up for me.