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By Anonymous - 17/07/2021 04:01

Today, it’s my birthday. My boyfriend handed me this month’s rental statement with “Paid” written in red ink. He says it’s my gift, because, "that shit adds up every month" and I should be "grateful" that I have a roof over my head for another month instead of being "materialistic." FML
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What a terrible guy. He should have let you pay the rent.

That's incredibly passive aggressive.


That's incredibly passive aggressive.

What a terrible guy. He should have let you pay the rent.

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all the comments saying he's a "terrible" person but he only spoke facts.

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Leaving out whether or not you pay part of the rent tells me you don’t, which means you owe him way more than he does you. It you want to keep score that’s up to you, but you can’t just conveniently disregard the most expensive thing on the list. if that’s your goal then, you know… pay rent!

So, on my twenty-fifth birthday, I threw a small party for my friends, and one of them said he didn't really knew what to get me since it all seemed so trivial and not stuff that I really needed. I told him I knew what he meant and that I'd rather get money to pay my electrical bill, but that seemed rather impersonal, both to ask and to give. In case you're curious to what he got me, it was a book from Farside, which I still have, so it wasn't that I wasn't happy with his gift. So yeah, it may not be stuff you can show off and seem impersonal, but it is a load of your chest for a month.

the area I live rent is 1500+ for a month unless you live in a shit hole, then it's just 1200... so yeah, you should be grateful. it cost me almost 2 weeks pay every month and I know plenty of people making less than I do.

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Well if you paid your half of the rent this wouldn't have happened would it?

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If you normally split the bill then it is adorable. Some things are worth more than material possessions.

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I would be happy about that. Saw $500 that month would be amazing.

if he is paying all the rent you should be contributing in some way and looking to contribute financially. at the same time if yall have an agreement that he pays the rent him showing that he did is not the same as a birthday present