By noreia - 06/10/2013 04:11 - Hong Kong - Central District

Today, my neighbour came over with a bag containing lingerie, and apologized while blushing. Turns out his boy was the reason that my lingerie kept disappearing from my garden clothesline recently. His "boy" is over 20 years younger than me. FML
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noreia tells us more.

he'll turn 14 within this month

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While having fantasies about your neighbor is kinda weird but acceptable as long as you keep it to yourself, actually going over and stealing their underwear is completely messed up. That kid needs a serious talk with his parents.

anyone else wonder how old they actually are?


We'll shit lol

We'll shit? I wasn't even aware that I had to go!

Do we have to go NOW?? Oh well what a timing :(

how to shit 'lol'????

Oh shit! (Get it? It's a pun)

Black_Rose97 9

what's so punny about it? this FML had nothing to do with shit.

the topic went from disappearing lingerie to taking a dump...together...

Spider_Web 11

It's a good FML community bonding exercise

Who doesn't bond while taking a crap? Shitting friends are the best kind of friends!

hannahsnyder69 16

Groupsie poopsie

Ya ya did that's why your on here reading these

We're having a poop party? Awkwarddd

While having fantasies about your neighbor is kinda weird but acceptable as long as you keep it to yourself, actually going over and stealing their underwear is completely messed up. That kid needs a serious talk with his parents.

it's also illegal

How the hell is that weird? It's an adult woman and a teenage boy who are not related to each other at all! Stealing aside, his feelings for her are perfectly normal.

The "boy" is 20 years older than she is!

It said 20 years younger

Ah, well. At least you found out what was going on and got your stuff back(even if you're not comfortable using them again). I'd probably be finding a different place to be hanging my unmentionables for a while.

Dry your lingerie using the lingerie setting on the dryer if you have one.

ilytyvm 25

...they don't have lingerie settings in driers. a lace and delicates one, but not lingerie. not to mention that lingerie would be qualified as the aforementioned 'lace and delicates'. also, if they're sticky, that means that he was probably doing unmentionable things to her unmentionables, which definitely makes me think she would never want to use them again. I shudder to think what that "boy" may have done to those articles of clothing...

ilytyvm 25

^^ I got this FML confused with another. it won't let me edit the previous comment. it didn't say her undies were sticky, but the thought makes the FML that much creepier. so, it stays. lol

Rainhawk94 27

pretty sure #9 wasn't being serious

He went to the trouble of stealing it all, imagine all the things he did with them. I'd just throw them out and make a mental note to not hang any new ones I get outside anymore.

So that's where those things've been lingering around..

It makes a difference if the boy is 8 years old or 16.. If he's 8 or something (not into puberty yet) I think it's more because he's interested in the nice patterns of design instead of getting.. Excited by it I hope for you the first one OP, otherwise, good luck.

nnnope 26

....what...? something tells me you didn't read the entire FML.

Aw shit, after reading it again I see you're right :( I need to learn how to read properly, I guess Excuse me for my stupid comment!

Says 20 years younger, doesn't state the age of OP, they could be in their 20's. without a reference age, 20 years younger means nothing.

Rainhawk94 27

yea there is a difference if he was 8 or 16...8 years

Is it just a coincidence that almost every single FML post gets thumbed down?

Rainhawk94 27

yea it's ridiculous people thumb down everything

Pros: Even being 20 years older you obviously look good enough for your scanty panties to be a worthy trophy. Cons: Lingerie is seriously expensive to replace & a creeper at any age remains creepy. FYL, OP...

ilytyvm 25

your comment made me laugh. I love your word choices.

Eh, 5 yr olds do weird shit. not sure you could chalk it up to creeper status.

anyone else wonder how old they actually are?

perdix 29

#11, no, I really don't want to know how old the lingerie was. Are you one of those weirdos who insists on stealing well-worn panties to ensure that the scent is infused into the fabric?

I'm pretty sure 11 is talking about the kid. The kid is 20 years younger than OP, but now old is OP/the kid?

mooseantlers 1

my thoughts exactly!

#52, I'm not sure but I think the word for what Perdix said is a joke.

Guys, I'm sure he meant how old is the OP and the neighbor, not how old the lingerie is LOL

just to clear that up i'm 34 for a few months - and it still creeps me out to think about it... i'm gonna throw the stuff away and hang clothes besides jeans and sweaters in the cellars from now on

reymon8823 24

Well Atleast you got it going on for ya OP for a 14 year old to think you're hot. props to you for being good looking and a slap upside the kids head for being the dumbass teenager who goes out and steals undergarments from women.. He might have a bad fetish for lingerie and maybe need some counseling of some sort

I would invest in a dryer.

and ruin your expensive lingerie. yup. good idea

perdix 29

#36, most modern dryers have an "Intimates" cycle to safely dry delicate items. Unfortunately, most women think that's the cycle to use when they want to sit on the dryer and have mind-blowing orgasms ;)

What? All these years of using a dryer were a lie? Note to self: google search how people dry their lingeries.

I would wash it all. Really well. Twice.

I think I would burn it all. Just to get the creepy images out of my head.

But doc, don't you know it takes up to 8 washes to remove semen from clothes. Twice would not cut it I do not think.

Damn, 8 washes?! What the hell is that sperm made of, adamantium?

Smoldering 15

No that would be the wolverine...

I sure hope you washed them after he handed them to ya. Never know what his son could've done to them... or all over them. lmao