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Today, my 50-year-old dad was in a foul mood after taking an online test that put him in Slytherin house instead of Ravenclaw where he "belongs" because he's "so smart". FML
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Fhl seriously, everyone knows Slytherin is where all the dark wizards come from!


AnOriginalName 19

He was placed in Slytherin, which has turned out more Dark wizards than any other house. I wouldn't say that's too awesome.

If it makes your dad feel better, HE has the final say in where he goes. Harry was assigned to Slytherin too. Although, I didn't know Hogwarts had a G.E.D. program.

he wasn't assigned to the Slytherin , the sorting hat said he good do great things in slytherin but that isn't where he was "assigned" . he was assigned to Gryffindor

I assumed I would be assigned to Slytherin and was placed in Ravenclaw. How the tides have turned!

I thought I was a slytherin and the pottermore test with all the questions put me in gryffindor

#20, Merlin was supposedly in Slytherin. MERLIN. He was like the Dumbledore of 'back then'.

Fhl seriously, everyone knows Slytherin is where all the dark wizards come from!

Kefka91 15

We're not all evil! All dark wizards being Slytherin doesn't mean all Slytherin are dark wizards. We're just too good at what we do, so some like to "show off".

Just my nerdy two-cents, OP's dad shouldn't be that upset. Slytherins are known to be cunning, so his ego shouldn't have been hurt. Not to mention Hermione ended up in Gryffindor!

Snape was the bravest man Harry ever knew. They're not all bad :)

You're just jealous. Slytherins are the best, after all.

I'm slytherin.... Not all slytherins are bad! Like snape! .... Oh the feels T-T

How dare these Muggles insult the noble house of Salazar Slytherin?!

Slytherins have Draco Malfoy. I would be okay being in Slytherin

Also, when Harry first heard that, his Godfather was thought to be a Mass murderer....who was in Gryffindor! Always bothered me.

I'm sorry OP, but I really don't think a 'smart' person should get wound up over such trivial things.

But if he feels that's where he belongs, then surely he wouldn't need an online test to tell him. Besides, as fun as it is to believe sometimes it is purely fantasy

knoxxx 22

How insensitive! Your Hogwarts house defines the environment of your wizarding education, of course he's upset about getting into Slytherin when he feels like a Ravenclaw. Did you know that being sorted into the wrong house is the cause of depression in over 60% of cases occurring at Hogwarts?

12- it's probably pottermore, which was created by JK Rowling. I was upset when i was placed in Hufflepuff :/ im still getting used to the thought that maybe i do belong there

56, don't get confused with Hufflepuff's rep, and what it really means to be a hufflepuff! There's nothing wrong with being loyal, kind, patient, accepting, and hard working. In fact, of all the houses traits I'm pretty sure the one's I listed are the most important to living a happy life. I think JK Rowling's daughter even said that we should all strive to be Hufflepuffs. Imagine a world like that! :)

54. You shut your filthy muggle mouth. The sorting hat does not make that many mistakes.

#64, Yeah, that's why I'm trying hard to enjoy the house. It really is a good house when you look at the traits. It's just a stigma that the series created. No one important came out of Hufflepuff. Cedric was the most notable, and he... well... we all know what happened to him :/ But my sister is a proud Hufflepuff; always was. I'm starting to see that maybe it isn't so bad.

Oh God, please tell me he isn't Team Edward too....

bandeek 30

How does wanting to be in Ravenclaw possibly make him team Edward?

DKjazz 20

All teen-oriented series are not created equally, friend.

If anything, getting into Hufflepuff might explain team Edward since the Rob Pattinson played both him and Cedric Diggory.

You shall not associate twilight with harrypotter related FMLs

UnluckyGenius 21

I see no problem being in the house Snape came from.

Yeah! And besides, it's not the traits you possess, but the traits you believe in that matters. Otherwise why would the Sorting Hat take your opinion into account? So clearly since the traits he values are pessimism and anger at stupid things, Slytherin is kind of the right house. Sorry pops.

Remind him that Merlin was a Slytherin

Wow you don't know anything about Harry Potter, do you? Abracadabra and Merlin stand no chance against Avada Cadavra and Severus Snape!

carina_47 16

Actually according to Pottermore they're right, Merlin was in Slytherin.

According to Rowling she sorted Merlin into Slytherin its in the pottermore Slytherin welcome letter And I would like to point out that i have read all of the books seen all the movies and know all the extra info from pottermore

I'd be miffed too! Slytherin is full of bratty rich kids. Who do they think they are, with their state of the art broom sticks? It's the way you rid it that counts.

Kefka91 15

Don't worry, It's okay to be jealous of Slytherin. I mean, how couldn't you be jealous of the house that is clearly superior to the others. It's only natural.

not smart enough to trick an online test ;-)

It's really hard to trick the pottermore test (im assuming thats where he took the test). some questions make no sense with the houses