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Today, I was called into my son's school because he had got into a fist-fight with another pupil and I had to take him home. He clammed up about the reason behind the fight, until I finally managed to coax it out of him: the other kid is in "Hufflepuff" and he's in "Ravenclaw." FML
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By  YayFlameWarz  |  9

Could he have at least picked one of the good houses?

  ambowew  |  7

But that's because he would have fit either Gryffindor or Slytherin.

#1 is obviously insinuating that the ravens and badgers are the 'shit houses'. What if he only fit into those two?

He can't very well say 'I'm a fucking snake!', so put me there!
Although he obviously is meant to be one.

  CoolBroStory  |  7

Thumbs down all you want but am I the only one sick of these hardcore Harry Potter fans? The series is good but it's not that serious.

  LMFAOwned  |  9

22, you spelled slytherin correctly but "spelled" incorrectly. Gotta love irony... On a related note, I think that this is a worthy reason of a fight... Lol.

  Welshite  |  39

Dear god! It's a fictional series, people. There is no reason for people to associate and have actual rivalries based on loyalty to imaginary "houses".


66- What's wrong with bronies? MLP is a good show, with good messages. Plus the ponies are cute :3

By the way, I'm a girl, and I consider myself a Brony. The term is, in fact, unisex, and I use it because I don't care for the term "pegasister."



Come on OP, you couldn't have taught him about the best house?

Also, there's no reason to fight with hufflepuffs. They don't do much, kinda like perry the platypus (not agent P though >:) ) now, Slytherin, on the other hand....

  924halle  |  8

SAME. I got it from Harry Potter World, and the guy that sold it to me was a Ravenclaw too :D and he glared at my sister for being a Hufflepuff

  Benchyface  |  11

Pfftt, overflowing with mudbloods here, no surprise you're all in houses that have proven themselves to be a shame for the wizarding world. *Snarl*
For us purebloods, we're placed in the...clean house. *Roleplay over*
Slytherin ftw, I even have a dark mark tattoo on my left wrist, because HP meant a lot to me while growing up~

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

So the real question here is if the other kid is really in ravenclaw, I mean really, would a ravenclaw be so thick as to start a common fist fight instead of using some sort of clever trickery to fuck with hufflepuff long term? I think the sorting hat screwed up here

  juggalo54  |  3

Yeah, that's what I was thinking too... Now if they'd been gryffindor and slytherin I'd have no problem believing it, but hufflepuff and ravenclaw? Doesn't seem all too likely.
Also, go ravenclaw!

  WeaselBee42  |  6

Being a hufflepuff doesn't mean you're all cute and cuddly and full of sunshine and rainbows, it means that they're loyal, hardworking and particularly good finders. This kid is loyal to his house obviously. Anyway, hufflepuffs can be badass too; just look at tonks


All I know is, I'm in hufflepuff... And I would have probably defended my house.
During the battle of hogwarts more ravenclaw students ran from the fight (or joined the dark side) than Hufflepuff. In fact, hufflepuff's values aren't to far from gryffindor's.

  ebonyirony  |  29

He's going to write a book called
"I'm not Harry Potter. " then, he'll later release "I am Harry Potter", just like Leonard Nimoy.

  ambowew  |  7

I thought it was a van in the book.
Can't be totally sure, though. That fucking read made my brain bleed.

Maybe you should assassinate all of the Cullens like you did your clan, Itachi.

I'd approve that shit, and I won't spend my whole life training to hunt you down for revenge.

You're good to go!