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Today, I was called into my son's school because he had got into a fist-fight with another pupil and I had to take him home. He clammed up about the reason behind the fight, until I finally managed to coax it out of him: the other kid is in "Hufflepuff" and he's in "Ravenclaw." FML
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I don't think the kid is really in Hufflepuff, that house doesn't seem like the type to fight. I think he's hiding his Slytherin ways.

The kids don't pick what house they're in, that's the Sorting Hats job.


Could he have at least picked one of the good houses?

The kids don't pick what house they're in, that's the Sorting Hats job.

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Harry did. He asked the sorting hat to put him in gryffindor, remember?

But that's because he would have fit either Gryffindor or Slytherin. #1 is obviously insinuating that the ravens and badgers are the 'shit houses'. What if he only fit into those two? He can't very well say 'I'm a ******* snake!', so put me there! Although he obviously is meant to be one.

Actually he asked not to be put in slytherin (sorry if that's spelt wrong)

Thumbs down all you want but am I the only one sick of these hardcore Harry Potter fans? The series is good but it's not that serious.

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Well technically he asked the sorting hat not to put him in slytherin... But you find out that he is a true gryffindor...

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22, you spelled slytherin correctly but "spelled" incorrectly. Gotta love irony... On a related note, I think that this is a worthy reason of a fight... Lol.

I actually think ravenclaw and hufflepuf are the better houses, but that's because I identify with them more.

All the houses are equally good. Each house has students with a certain set of qualities. They are different but equal.

Dear god! It's a fictional series, people. There is no reason for people to associate and have actual rivalries based on loyalty to imaginary "houses".

47, no reason for people to associate with book characters? What's the fun in that? Fiction writers make their characters relatable on purpose.

47 they are kids. Kids are encouraged to use their imagination. I agree the fight was uncalled for though.

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24 - I don't mind the Harry Potter fan club haha. I'm just so happy I haven't heard of "bronies" in while.

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I don't know about you guys, but I would hope to be placed in Gryffindor. Professor McGonnagall is a bad ass bitch!

Fighting doesn't sound very wise; I think the OP's son should reconsider his membership in Ravenclaw.

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Let's be honest, if the sorting hat asked to put me in Hufflepuff I'd ask to be changed solely because of the name. Ravenclaw has the most badass name in my opinion.

65-I'm Hufflepuff. Does that mean we need to get into a fist fight like OP's son? ;)

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Ravenclaw is known for being clever. I think that is a good house. Next time he should just discreetly send over jinxes.

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24 I think you mean it's not that Sirius..... >:]

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66- What's wrong with bronies? MLP is a good show, with good messages. Plus the ponies are cute :3 By the way, I'm a girl, and I consider myself a Brony. The term is, in fact, unisex, and I use it because I don't care for the term "pegasister."

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Slytherine till I die motherfuckers.

Woah there, I'm a Ravenclaw. I even have a pillow.

You're crazy! Ravenclaw is THE MOST BADASS HOUSE THERE IS. In order of awesomeness it goes: Ravenclaw Slytherin Gryffindor Hufflepufff

I shall know the book by the end of the day. please continue.

guys.. #87 's comment was an A Very Potter Musical reference, not an insult.

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I'm not sure what a hufflepuff is but I hear they're good at finding things.

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Gryffindor! Come on OP, you couldn't have taught him about the best house? Also, there's no reason to fight with hufflepuffs. They don't do much, kinda like perry the platypus (not agent P though >:) ) now, Slytherin, on the other hand....

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31 he actually spelled 'spelled' correctly

I don't get why that's a cause to fight. Griffindor and Slytgerin sure, but Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff?

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And by definition of his own name, number 1 has succeeded in what he was so obviously trying to accomplish with his comment. Sheep.

SAME. I got it from Harry Potter World, and the guy that sold it to me was a Ravenclaw too :D and he glared at my sister for being a Hufflepuff

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Nobody asked your opinion, you muggle. -_-

Pfftt, overflowing with mudbloods here, no surprise you're all in houses that have proven themselves to be a shame for the wizarding world. *Snarl* For us purebloods, we're placed in the...clean house. *Roleplay over* Slytherin ftw, I even have a dark mark tattoo on my left wrist, because HP meant a lot to me while growing up~

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Yeah but the sorting hate listens to what house you want

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87 I think I'm the only one who got the reference lol

Are you guys Sirus? Stop fighting or my father will hear about this!

Actually, ravenclaw are clever not wise. Puzzles, maybe, ethical problems, go to hufflepuff

Ur kind of an idiot. Dark marks are for death eaters, not slytherins

Please be less stupid. Ravenclaw is the obvious best.

The principal used expelliarmus! (pardon my spelling)

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My vote goes for the hufflepuff.

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Imagine the fights between slytherin and gryphindor (excuse my spelling)

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I'm not even a Harry Potter fan but those kids are hardcore

61- gryphindor? Seriously? You couldn't just Google it?

81- and you couldn't just go **** yourself? Get off his back.

Just tell them to stop muggle dueling.

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That's fifty points off ravenclaw and hufflepuff... But whomever won the fight will receive ONE HUNDRED POINTS!

Ravenclaw is the best! Wit beyond measure is a mans greatest treasure :))))

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I hope the pun was intended? "Spelling"

I don't think the kid is really in Hufflepuff, that house doesn't seem like the type to fight. I think he's hiding his Slytherin ways.

I like how OP used the word pupil instead of student or kid or anything. Haha.

I think a hufflepuff would defend themselves if someone else started it.

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So the real question here is if the other kid is really in ravenclaw, I mean really, would a ravenclaw be so thick as to start a common fist fight instead of using some sort of clever trickery to **** with hufflepuff long term? I think the sorting hat screwed up here

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Yeah, that's what I was thinking too... Now if they'd been gryffindor and slytherin I'd have no problem believing it, but hufflepuff and ravenclaw? Doesn't seem all too likely. Also, go ravenclaw!

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I bet all the potter heads like myself just had their day made by your comment.

Being a hufflepuff doesn't mean you're all cute and cuddly and full of sunshine and rainbows, it means that they're loyal, hardworking and particularly good finders. This kid is loyal to his house obviously. Anyway, hufflepuffs can be badass too; just look at tonks

All I know is, I'm in hufflepuff... And I would have probably defended my house. During the battle of hogwarts more ravenclaw students ran from the fight (or joined the dark side) than Hufflepuff. In fact, hufflepuff's values aren't to far from gryffindor's.

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The best part is the kid's probably older than 15. I mean is it the same kid who tried to bite his classmates claiming he's on bath salts?

Hufflepuff's are particularly good finders!

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Pigfarts, Pigfarts, here I come!

ArielTheMermaid 17

I can't go I Pigfarts, it's on MARS! :D

I got hit in the face for saying 'Daniel Radcliffe' instead of 'Harry Potter' once.

He's going to write a book called "I'm not Harry Potter. " then, he'll later release "I am Harry Potter", just like Leonard Nimoy.

Crucio the shit out of him. That'll make him learn the error of his ways. I don't blame him, though. The Hufflepuff was most likely a Mudblood.

I'm a Dementor and i'm going to give you the kiss of death.

How could you possibly be mad? I think it's quite funny.

She could be mad because her kid got into a fight at school

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Sounds more like Slytherin behavior to me. Tsk, your son is putting the good Ravenclaw name to shame, OP. FYL.

ToBeAnnounced 2

At least it wasn't over who's team Jaco or team Edward.

Uh-oh, here come the twihards! I would run if I were you, but I feel the same as you!

In that case, go for team Buffy. Hopefully she'll slay them all!

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Go team Guy Who Tried To Hit Bella With A Car!!!

Tragichero92 12

I believe it was with a truck. Then again, maybe the book's version and the movie's version of that scene are different. Correct me if I am wrong.

15- Buffy is a mere mortal. I am on team Armand, he'd beat the crap out of all of them. Plus he's sexy....

I thought it was a van in the book. Can't be totally sure, though. That ******* read made my brain bleed. Maybe you should assassinate all of the Cullens like you did your clan, Itachi. I'd approve that shit, and I won't spend my whole life training to hunt you down for revenge. You're good to go!

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I think it was a van..oops! I just wish he had succeeded so we wouldn't have to live through 3 more tasteless books, 5 movies, and twilight fans!

Tragichero92 12

@ 118, Thank you. I've already started a hunting clan with Blade and Buffy. Anyone is welcome to join : ) * incinerated Edward with Amaterasu *

If you don't like the books or movies don't read/watch them and quit bashing on people that do.

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Personally, I'm a Slytherpuff. If I had to pick one, though, it would definitely be Hufflepuff. I'm really not brave at all, so no Gryffindor for me. xD