By ShadowReiku - 23/08/2013 02:05 - United States - Odenton

Today, my mom put me in charge of her business's Facebook. Later, I was doing homework and took a Facebook break, changing my status to "So fucking boring." I'd forgotten to log out of the business account. FML
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fishyrael tells us more.

Hey guys. I did realize my mistake very shortly after and deleted the status before anyone caught it. My mom's business is still getting off the ground and so I would be very surprised to find out that anyone at all saw it before it was deleted. As for no one caring, my facebook is only for very close friends, so I wasn't expecting any likes or anything - just any reprieve from the dullness of what I was doing. This was not really an end of the world thing, just a little "Oh shit" moment I thought I'd share.

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How many people liked it?

That's what Twitter is for. Updates no one cares about. Lol.


How many people liked it?

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You could always delete it OP.

5, I have a feeling that OP realized it too late. You shouldn't post things like that on Facebook anyways. It wasn't even a witty status update...

I'm more shocked that people still update their status'

I'm sure you got lots of likes!

It's more like F your mum's life, OP...

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Should really double check these things.

Well say " Damn AC i meant So lucky to have my family" Kiss ass you will need it

I hope your mom is in a good mood and her boss didn't see that

trellz17 19

OP's mom is the boss.

That's what Twitter is for. Updates no one cares about. Lol.

mangoboy1 19

I think she's one of those girls that always posts pictures of her food and Starbucks on Instagram and has to remind everyone every 5 minutes how bored she is.

Easily deleted. Just hope you didn't realise hours later.

A mistake easily fixed!

You better pay up mom, or i'll ruin your business life lol

Her* if he still has to do his homework and still updates his FB status then he probably isn't old enough to own a business.

40, I'm in college to get my Ph.D and will be getting homework to do in college until I'm 28... People can successfully own a business at that age, plus in the FML it stated that it was a Facebook account for OP's mother's business.

I hope this ends well for you! Good luck OP!

I don't understand why that had to be posted in the first place. How does knowing your bored change anything?

Instead of being bored you can get yelled at by your mom

not a great post regardless of who's account it was. I am sure with all your free time, you could come up with something more stimulating to post.