By Anonymous - 13/08/2009 23:29 - Canada

Today, I found out that 15 years ago my father threw out my college acceptance letters so that I could stay home and take over the family's funeral home business. FML
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I can't believe how selfish some parents are. FYL.

That's effed up... That is one morbid job FYL


That's effed up... That is one morbid job FYL

You know, I was thinking OP had a dead end job... **** morbid, he's ****** from the beginning until death. Would you like embalming with that?

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what the ****. this is one of the truest FMLs out there...i would be so pissed off.

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hey, think of the positives, now you can sleep with dead bodies anytime you want.

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at least u dont have extreme debt from college that u have to pay off

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72-err, why would you want to have sex with a corpse?

He's probably a necrophiliac.. Ugh *shudders*

I can't believe how selfish some parents are. FYL.

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Tomorrow this should be the dad: "Today, my daughter beat me over the head with a shovel and buried me alive in my own funeral home". But seriously, FYL

Haha, he could write that #35, but that would just be another FML for the OP as that would mean is dad just called him "his daughter" instead of "his son" =P

Some people are unthinkable. I could never forgive someone who would do that, let alone my own parents.

****** up. FYL man, but it's never too late to leave them and find a successful career?

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You should totally crash the entire business just to spite him.

I agree wiith #4 CRASH THE BUSINESS!!

if they crash the business then they can't make a living and will lose everything seriously stupid ppl

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If OP crashes the business, then their family has no money. You have to make some kind of a living, and I'm guessing OP has some money, even if that's not what they wanted to do with their lives. Most funeral homes get a lot of money.

Yeah I agree with him after you do that you could probably find a nice bridge to live hnde

Wow, that is absolutely terrible that a parent would be so selfish as to force you into taking over the family business. That's why having a "family business" is pretty lame really. If it just starts out that way that's fine, but if none of your children or other close relatives want to take it over then you'll have to pass it on to someone else or just let it go. Every kid should have the chance to choose their own career path in life. Parents should only be there to help advise them when making the choice, but let the kid make the final decision.

Well said. That's really sad for the OP :

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And she was sentanced to jail...

Wow that sucks so bad,if I were you I would **** up his business.By giving a bad name to his business,scaring costumers and talking shit about your dad.Really I am planning to learn in an university and if my parents will do something like that I will give them a peace of my mind,though there's no way they will do something that horrible to me.

I hope you're going to study in your own language at "an university." But anyway, this is a true FML. A lot of FMLs are just inconveniences or uncomfortable situations, and I'm like, oh, that sucks, but big deal, get over it. But this guy's life has truly been ****** over, and there's not much he can do a this point to change anything. Great dad you got there.

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Dude you had an income already made for you, given its a bit morbid... Many people suffer quite a bit after finishing education, because they can't get a decent job and have high loans to pay back. Your business is something that isn't going out of business anytime soon.

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This is true. When I first read this, I was also horrified, but #8 is kinda right. I mean yeah, it's awful you didn't get to 'do your own thing' and I would be beyond pissed myself if this happened, but you are probably pretty secure in your job and you don't have to look for a job or have ridiculous loans to pay off.

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Thank you, #16, for being able to make the perfect comment. For ****'s sake, his dad killed 15 years of what he could've been... Who knows, he might've ended up as a successful lawyer or doctor? I can't believe his father did that to him. If I found this out, I think I would be devastated to the extent of clinical depression because my life, and how I live it, and what I make of it is the most important thing to me. I'm so so sorry, I honestly feel your pain, OP.

That is true, but like others have said, what if he had other dreams such as becoming a Doctor, Lawyer, or a College Professor that were lost just because his father needed someone to run the family business?

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Fyl. Ask him for money to make up for it