By Anonymous - 04/02/2011 05:42 - United States

Today, my 400 pound roommate brought home a 400 pound guy. Now there's 800 pounds of sex going on in the next room, and it sounds like the invasion of Normandy in there. FML
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Mallorydomio 0

Hahaha fatties need love too

realsdmf 4

Fatty sex is the best sex. Also, they were currently having more sexy time than you.


Mallorydomio 0

Hahaha fatties need love too

More cushion for the pushin'... LOL! FYL.

TheDrifter 23

Lovin so hard it measures on the richter scale.

they just gotta pay...

at least they gave u £800 for it. that's alot of money.

mind_geek 15

I see wat u did thar

makes me think of the movie shallow hal lol

shallow Hal! good movie

percawesome 0

lmao 57 that was great

op should join in and make it a round figure 1000

lol They're are playing find the sausage! He probably hasn't seen it in years.

OMG 50 u beat me to the punch! grr

this literally made me lmao.. which is rather convenient considering im sitting on the toilet >.>

800 pounds of sex... lol

that is not nice. be good.

"800 pounds of sex... lol" -if only this meant something different :(

that's a good one

dhaworth93 8

somebody's just jealous cause they could only sit alone playing with themself listening to others getting some good sex

disgusting, disturbing but also funny to wonder how he can try to.... never mind.

notanalbino 4

I love your picture; made me giggle:}

MaximilianMarche 0

hahahahaha is all have to say about this. hahahahaha

percawesome 0

I tried not minding once... it was awesome

Wait, unless OP's roomate is a girl (since OP is a guy), then his roomate is gayyy...?

#264 who cares

Why does that matter?

How does that work? I've always wondered.

bubbarific 0

prob like bouncing on an excercise ball or somethin

it works very well, thank you very much.

iSitt 0

what does it smell like?

it smells like chicken McNuggets

DarkHelmet 10

smells like the baking if delicious pastries

daaron 3

some things are meant to be unknown for the Sake of mankind

megapeyt 17

Darron is right. There are things we're all better off NOT knowing

Like how this looked.

tmac71320 4

You gotta lift a couple rolls to get to that chicks oven

realsdmf 4

Fatty sex is the best sex. Also, they were currently having more sexy time than you.

get involved and make it 1,000 pound action

f*** yeah! literally!

robotnhi 0


megapeyt 17

I wonder what the bed is rated for? I know most pick up trucks are only half ton so hmmm... Food for thought. Epic win with that comment by the way

I know this is an old fml, but you realize that the ton rating system is just a size indicator, right? Most half ton trucks have a payload of about 2-2.5 thousand pounds.

holy shit! Iron Man!

4, I'd rather have no sexy time than 400 pound nasty time :/

don't knock it till you've tried it

lmao awesome I'll try anything once!

RedPillSucks 31

3 cheerleaders, 133lbs a piece. What? I like to take my pounding bit by bit.

yeaah creep looks like you can get three cheerleaders ^...

kingtz 6

What kind of fat cheerleaders weigh 133 lbs?

Brittany0989 0

133 pounds is not fat.

it is for cheerleaders where I come from

I think you meann 800 lol

ThatGuyYouDontKn 0

get this mental image out of my head

CourtneyDanielle_fml 9

Agreed o.O

MassEffectNerd 0

alright let me try...Imagine that there is this grown man. this man has some goats and one day he was curious. The man decided to have sex with one of the goats. he was satisfies. a couple months past and some how that goat got pregnant and had...goatlets? the family decided to sell the goats for some money and they couldn't afford to keep them. that man cried for he thought the goats had "his eyes". hope that helped get ride of that mental image.

SmallTownCutie 0

Thanks a lot. That's a much mental image.

a baby goat is called a kid. how... poetic?

MissFukMyLuck 0

18- you just got 15 epic cool points.

NewAddiction 0

just wanted to say I love the way this is written. but hey, fatties need love too.

agreed lol

Maybe it'll be so intense that the next session will "only" be 780 pounds in action.

They can only hope.

taw6969 0

omg too funny