By suzanneallen - United States
Today, my boyfriend and I were fooling around in his car when things got hot and heavy and we decided to climb in the back. After we finished we started to put our clothes back just as a someone's brights flooded into the car. It was a cop, and he had been there the entire time. FML
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By  melissasmile21  |  0

i'm waiting for all the up tight people to find this and be like,
"arrr, ye should'nt be engaging in sexual intercourse"

and they'll assume they're young because they're in a car instead of in some comfy bed.

cop was happy but, he got a free show!

  KayleeFrye  |  39

Yeah, because anyone who enjoys sex is a slut. As long as both people are consenting, there is nothing wrong with having sex. I don't know if you got the memo, but the Victorian Era is over. Stop being so judgmental!


No. I have never called sausages bangers at any point in my life. This is a stereotype. much like the fact that we eat crumpets and drink tea at 4 in the afternoon. We don't, I wish we did though, that would be cool.