By suzanneallen - / Friday 11 September 2009 04:23 / United States
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By  melissasmile21  |  0

i'm waiting for all the up tight people to find this and be like,
"arrr, ye should'nt be engaging in sexual intercourse"

and they'll assume they're young because they're in a car instead of in some comfy bed.

cop was happy but, he got a free show!

  KayleeFrye  |  39

Yeah, because anyone who enjoys sex is a slut. As long as both people are consenting, there is nothing wrong with having sex. I don't know if you got the memo, but the Victorian Era is over. Stop being so judgmental!


No. I have never called sausages bangers at any point in my life. This is a stereotype. much like the fact that we eat crumpets and drink tea at 4 in the afternoon. We don't, I wish we did though, that would be cool.

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