By Anonymous - 20/10/2010 07:00 - United States

Today, I met my roommate for the first time. I walked in the door to see him in full Roman gladiator gear, screaming at the computer because he lost 18 knights. He also told me he wakes up every 3 hours to make sure his army is still intact. FML
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paid2think 0

That's epic.

At-least he wasn't masturbating to it!


paid2think 0

That's epic.

play along with it then totaly fuck him over and obliterate his army.... its like taking candy from a baby. just this baby is a grown ass loser bahahahamuahaha

Trojan maaaaaaaaan!

An epic prank, I'd guess... (Not from the OP, from the roomy)

KaleidoscopePope 0

meh, not that big of a deal. YLIA

MissErikaHart 0

no chuck Norris comments?

trueblue42 4

this just became one of my favorite FMLs. sorry about your life btw

rallets 22

is his name Julius Caesar? lmao i just got an image of him yelling "eat a hearty breakfast..for TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL!!!!!!"

KingDingALing 9

OP- If you want him to leave then just make sure that he walks in on you, jacking off to a weird fetish porn. He'll get freaked out and move out quicker then Speedy Gonzalez on crack.

MyFirstKiss 0

thats epic FAIL

legonut6 0

In Soviet Russia, Chuck Norris gets roundhouse kicked by you! That saved everyone lots of time.

That's hilarious!!!!!

At-least he wasn't masturbating to it!

TheySeeMeTrollin_fml 0

Or he just left that part out.

Sun_Kissed18 25

not yet....

AAShah 0

Lol. Give him time. He just might end up doing so.

Hahaha, I think I can enjoy someone like him. This isn't so bad. Just wait and see what he has to offer you. You can laugh at him. Or he will ask you to if you can join his army to fight off the baddies xD YDI.

Ehh... it's a good way for the roommate to secure a double for himself. I know someone who did this with a triple. He set up a fort with pillows and blankets the first day. He never saw 1 of the roommates and only saw the other once.

Yeah, probably something like that...


TurboTalon 0

That's what I was thinking lol. I played a few years back.. but I had European sitters so I always got a good nights sleep.

I used to play too! but I wasn't good at all -.-

robnunzi 0

hide his armor

Better yet, hide pieces of his armor at different times... lol. But like another poster said, hide anything that could be used as a weapon first lol.

Action_Bastard 0

Sounds like Kevin French from Mission Hill. God I miss that show T_T

zkchild 0

That show was great.

FTC_Socialist 3


I sure hope he doesn't get computer raged when he loses and goes and attacks you with his real spear:o Take his shield!

sapphireflames11 0

Hide his gear, see if he cries.

FYLDeep 25

Gladiators are pussies. Dress up like Rambo. Then he'll know you don't take shit from anyone.

from what i remember.. gladiators were prisoners of war that were pit against eachother to fight to the death. swords, tridents, big fat hammers, spears- i think its safe to say that thats more manly than bullets.. but yes rambo is epic.. just not as epic.

FYLDeep 25

Rambo would take him out when he was still 100 yards back.

Infamous_Hawk 6

no Chuck Norris is better then them both put together

chuck norris looks at gladiators and they fall down dead!

Agreed. He sounds pretty fucking amazing to me.

yea sounds like a real winner especially when hes married.. i can see it now.. girl: wanna play a little ;).. guy: not now babe you see i have an army to tend to, so make it quick hahaha

yea sounds like a real winner especially when hes married.. i can see it now.. girl: wanna play a little ;).. guy: not now babe you see i have an army to tend to, so make it quick hahaha

winner indeed, roleplay ready...of course :D