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By  limitles  |  14

Don't sweat it. My daughter caught the same sight once when she was 15-16 months. She pointed and said "papa's tail". It lasted a few weeks when she would mention it, but she soon forgot all about it :)

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

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My dog has a teeny tiny nub for a tail, so small you wouldn't really consider it a tail, but little kids always comment on his tail. It doesn't have to be long to be a tail to kids.

  amsterdamgirl  |  20

#6 it is normal here, we don't have such taboos on the bodies so it's normal. you'll see people changing next to the pools and seaside etc. nothing gross or overt, but also not shameful and secret.

  OkitaCockroach  |  19

Yeah, my first thought was about how come she doesn't know it's simply her dads private parts? I understand that it can be confusing for them, since they're different, but even my little girl understands that everyone has private parts.

By  honestjane  |  22

Why not just explain that you don't have a tail and that boys and girls are different? You don't have to go into the same detail as you would an older child. I always figured that if my kids were old enough to ask a question, then they were old enough for an age appropriate response. It helps if you have pets or know someone who does just to point out that girls and boys have different bits.

  TheSignOfLibra  |  11

I wish my parents actually explained the difference when I was younger instead of handing me a book on the topic of the human reproductive system at the age of 12. It might've been less horrifying.

  joshszz_fml  |  27

My family didn't explain anything too. What's worse was back then, my school teacher (being bashful about the subject) tended to skip through multiple pages for us to read by ourselves. For years, I thought a woman's period lasted 3 to 4 hours each time, and I was too afraid to ask how they plugged it up before being bled dry.