By ItsGoneForever - 04/04/2016 17:58 - Netherlands

Today, my electric razor broke down during shaving. So now I have a face which is shaved on the right hand side and has a beard on the left. I don't own blades, so I'll have to go to work looking like this. FML
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Hi guys, OP here! Just to clarify a little: I shaved with blades once, but that was a disaster. Blood everywhere and it toon way longer than shaving with an electric razor. Therefore, no blades! My old electric razor was actually almost 14 years old, so I could have expected this. However, it stopped working all of a sudden, without any signs of failing previously! However, stores for electronics tend to open at 10am here in The Netherlands, while I start working at 8:30. So no opportunity to buy a new one before work! It was the first thing I did when coming out of the office though :-) As for my co-workers: we don't have our own desks, but you can sit anywhere you like. I chose a private office for the day, so I just got laughed at by my boss and nog by anyone else :-)

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This does razor question. Why don't you have spares?

PoolDeadio 12

Takes a whole new meaning to "shave it for later"


DamnitSeth 13

Bet your boss is gonna tell you to /shave/ your excuses for it. Eh? Eh?

it'd take someone pretty /sharp/ to get that one ;)

No it wouldn't. even someone as dull as you did

This does razor question. Why don't you have spares?

MikaykayUnicorn 36

I feel like this FML is a little bit of FYL and a little bit of YDI because you should always have a spare, but no one expects that shit.

#3 My first thought, too. A few minutes of embarrassment in a store, or embarrassment all day at work? Such a tough decision.

@1 his thing broke down, like the electronic part. Not the razors.

theoldman 22

Op's just setting a new trend

PoolDeadio 12

Takes a whole new meaning to "shave it for later"

yenze 18

(probably going to get down voted) isn't the expression save it for later?

Did you try turning it on and off again? xDD

alexish128 13

I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing ? I just keep picturing it! Hahaha

cdb89928 7

You can't buy new batteries on the way to work and finish in the bathroom?

Hmm... Doesn't my phone have an app that can shave???