By Ansharus - 06/06/2016 13:47 - Belgium - Londerzeel

Today, I noticed I'd lost my wedding ring after returning home from a long, tiring day of painting our newly purchased home. After driving back and forth to the house for more than an hour to go looking for it, I found it tucked away in my back pocket. FML
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Clearly past you has better memory than present you.

who would've thought a ring could be such pain in the ass.

I mean with any of the "i spent ages looking for blank, but then i found blank in my pocket" FMLs its kinda an automatic YDI, you gotta chill and look in all your pockets and bags before panicking

The paint fumes are getting to your head.

Reminds me of the time I was looking for my phone, only to realise it was in my hand

Everyone has done that once. My favorite 'looking for' moment was my grandma looking for her glasses. They were on her face, under her sunglasses she was also wearing. That was a 30 minute endeavor.

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Once I realized I was using my phone as a flashlight to find my phone

always the last place you'd look......... lol I'll see myself out

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This happened to me when I was moving. It's a fun combination of relief and frustration when you reach down and realize your ring was with you all the time. From then on we had a designated drawer in the kitchen where all valuables went until our home was set up properly.

That's actually a really smart idea. I would probably use an en-suite bathroom drawer though. I almost feel like they would be less likely to be buried when people shove things in drawers in an unpacking frenzy.