By KittyKat - 03/11/2013 14:22 - United Kingdom - Milton Keynes

Today, my husband was getting undressed. I told my 2-year-old daughter not to go in our bedroom because he was undressing in there. I turned my back and she instantly ran off to my bedroom. I heard her shout "I can see daddy's tail!" Now, she points to everyone's crotch and shouts "TAIL!" FML
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Shouting "tail" isn't the worst thing she could say.

And when she's fourteen, this will serve as an embarassing story.


Did he tuck tail and run when he saw her.

boom_bitch 3

Or start shaking?

Shouting "tail" isn't the worst thing she could say.

She'll be surprised to learn that not everyone has a "tail".

Well, considering she's a girl I'm sure she knows that already.

agree with #2- better than the real word.

#31 she's only two there's no reasoning or common sense yet, she might not understand that only guys have a "tail"

Actually, whether or not a two year old has developed some common sense and reasoning has a lot to do with what their parents have taught them. I'm not saying they have fully developed skills but parents can help them develop skills and common sense at a young age.

#31 I hate saying this but some girls have "tails" too. PONYtails. :)

I can see it now. She's at preschool and spots a little boy and shouts "tail" and he says, "Get away, you broke yours off."

118 your comment made me snort.

This reminds me of the kid from kindergarten cop with arnold Schwarzenegger; "Boys have a penis and girls have a ******." I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon enough OP.

dryersheet 11

Look on the bright side, its better than saying the real word..

… or the swear word

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I don't know, a little girl running around pointing at everyone's crotch yelling "Penis!", sounds ******* adorable. Makes me chuckle just thinking about it.

I meant "Dick".

"it's called a COCK"- Andy, previous FML

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Yeah, I knew what you meant. I'd prefer to think since she's so young and innocent, she wouldn't talk like a dirty stripper. That cuteness would go away pretty fast if she was yelling "Dick" instead.

And when she's fourteen, this will serve as an embarassing story.

StompinOnCrayons 15

With free disturbing flashbacks and many more "oh god why" moments

A good story for her 21st

i dont think the average person remembers being a toddler unless shes a prodigy

skyeyez9 24

There are certain incidents I remember very well when I was a toddler. I am not a Prodigy, just average intelligence. But I do have a very good memory.

This will be a tough one to explain..

I'm sure it wasn't that hard.

she might be shooting blanks when trying to explain

dat_weird_girl 3

It's not like se is screaming "DICK!!!"

StompinOnCrayons 15

10 years later... OP : I'll flip a coin, heads or tails ? OP's Daughter : Ewww mom Boyfriend: Hey wanna see this *flashes* my dick ! OP's Daughter : Ffs this always happens, It's a TAIL people, a TAIL

I am laughing so hard at how bad this comment is

Wait what this makes no sense at all.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Why would OP's daughters boyfriend show OP and her daughter his dick? Is there a mother daughter love triangle!? Where is OP's husband!? Did he die in WW3 and leave behind a devastated family!? Is OP really the mom of this child!? What is going on!? I'M SO FUCKING CONFUSED!

Not to mention why is it only 10 years later? That would make the daughter 12

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Maybe the door didn't have a lock?

Why would you lock the door in your own home to change clothes, when it's just u and your wife & kid that's home?

I really don't understand what is the problem of seeing a parent naked at that age. Sure it can get awkward when you're older but for example, when I was a kid we used to go naked in the sauna, the whole family together. If you don't make such big deal about it, she probably wouldn't even care over the fact that he has a "tail" between his legs.

I don't think the whole family naked together even at a young age is appropriate.. just saying..

how is it inappropriate? when i was little i would follow my dad into the shower because i was fascinated by what he had that i didnt. he always used the word 'privates' and i understood what that meant, but it wasnt shamed. my mom would walk around naked too. its the human body, people!!

That wold go over well in Pre-K. "Daddy lets me shower with him." We had a child say that in the daycare I went to. They found it a little alarming and awkward. e.o But with the way people are with guys and kids, I guess it's just automatically cause for concern in people's eyes.

Well, at least she said 'tail'- it could be much worse. (I'm sorry, I'm new to this.)

Apology accepted.

Go along with it! It's better for her and for you

But...isn't a tail supposed to be on the other side? o.o Everything I know is wrong ;-;

Pin the tail on the donkey is going to be so awkward...