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Today, I figured out my 1-year-old daughter likes to dip her hand in our dogs' water bowl, and rub the water on her face. So I put the water bowl out of reach. She then figured out how to open the bathroom door and use the toilet instead. FML
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i bet you were just just the most polite and cleanest baby ever with tons of manners right

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Even if it's gross, at least she was smart enough to find out another way to do what she wanted.

When I was born I almost died because I was choking on my own shit. At least she doesn't eat turds!

Couldn't think of any better comment in the race to be 1st?

got to be smarter than the 1 year old! It's called baby proofing the house, most people have that done by the time the baby can crawl, you're a little late to the game, but catching on fast ;-)

At least she knows how to wash her face.

17, not the wrong way just against accepted tradition. Toilet water isnt contaminated until after duty calls.

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My suggestion would be to put a clean bowl of water just for her. Of course you're going to have to eventually teach her to do it in the sink but until she gets a bit older (which I'm sure she'll find another interest soon anyway) it's not a horrible disgusting thing, it's just something that she finds funny. Besides, I've seen kids do way worse.

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put the toilet out of reach? :D nah just teach her that its very dirty to do that, imagine if she'd still do that if shes a teenager...

Brb while I uproot my whole toilet system and put it on a shelf.

#4 If you had left the last part of your comment out about her still doing it as a teenager, then you probably wouldn't have been down voted. Next time think about how people will react to all parts of your comment before you hit the validate button.

Just have a talk with her, if she does it again explain to her that there will be consequences. Tell her that only the sink, and bathtub, etc are acceptable.

Normally a one year old can understand the word "No!" There's nothing wrong with explaining to a young child what #5 said to do. The baby will (hopefully) understand sooner than you know it.(:

She is advanced if she can turn doorknobs already, unless she's almost two (this is why we use months instead of years at that age--so much development in a short time). Time to get the covers you have to squeeze super hard to turn the knob so she can't run a muck.

16, just because a child is 1 years old doesn't mean you don't explain to them. When my niece was doing similar things. I calmly explained to her why she can't. For the most part at almost 2 she doesn't do them. You have to stay on them and constantly explain to them why they can't but honestly it's worth it. :) not saying all children will listen but I think being calm and explaining to them in a way to help them understand is better than how I have seen some people teaching their kids. i.e. Yelling, hitting, getting frustrated.

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She's 1. Do you really think she can converse?

Why not get the kid a kiddy pool to play in? Or get her into swimming lessons. Telling her no and preventing her from doing it outside of a pool will also help.

one year olds may understand what the adult is saying but will do it again, they wont stop right away to avoid 'consequences'. obviously you dont have kids

Sounds like she's been spending a bit too much time with your dog!! Maybe put in a child proof handle for your bathroom door?

Or put a bowl of water from the sink on the floor for her to play with. That way at least you know it's clean. This is probably a habit she will grow out of within a month or two anyways.

I suggest you put the dog bowl back within her reach or let her have her own bowl in the bathroom so that she can play in it.

and if she drowns? you know you can drown in a teaspoon of water, right...

Mfundo - You're propagating an urban legend. It is NOT possible to drown in a teaspoon of water. Go look up "drowning" and the rethink the possibility of that happening with 5cc of water. Even if the water is aspirated, the cough reflex will kick in before any damage is done.

it's 2 inches of standing water and the person would have to be face down and unable to lift their head out of it. not a teaspoon...

I guess the best thing you can do is to put something on the toilet lid to clamp it down when you're not using it.

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She's being raised by the dogs. I'd be slightly concerned if she starts barking...

I actually had a young cousin do this. Her parents thought it was hilarious when she barked, crawled around on all fours, scratched and licked herself like a dog, and bit people. Despite the family trying to reason with her and her parents, she acted like this until she was five or six.

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I was always more of a foxy child myself.

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When I was maybe 1-5 I would put my cereal bowl next to my dogs bowl & eat like him

Take a shit in the toilet in front of her, I'm sure she'll take the hint.

Toddlers don't usually have a concept of disgust.

"Take a shit in the toilet in front of her" What the **** is wrong with you? This is seriously one of the worst comments I've ever seen.